They’re At It Again!

Americans! You can count on them 100%!

Always when it’s about breaking treaties, breaking international law, looting the national resources of their victims and fucking “allies” and creating havoc on a global scale, there they are!

Fortunately they are more like a modern equivalent of the Keystone Cops:

Look their latest attempt to fuk with a Russian patrol:

The commentators made it clear that the wind has shifted and the planet slowly learned that the USA/NATO is not our friend. 😦
Assad knows to where his oil flows: an-Nusra, ISIS, USA –> Turkey. The first two organisations are illegal terrorists (in Germany and Russia), the third and fourth are in cahoots with them. Any questions?
Fortunately … USA = Keystone Cops. 🙂


    • Ugh! Oooooow!
      Naaaw, Stacey, me no fangurl of orange troglodyte and I pity his beautiful woman. But, see, for us outsiders/rest of the worlders Trump is a gift. The Russians and Chinese love that orange utan to bits because he’s kinda predictable, even if he doesn’t appear so for most Americans. Propose him a good deal and he’s your best buddy. Don’t make him a good deal but make him see that America’s on a lost post, and he’ll react reasonable.
      Hopefully. 😐
      In so far he’s your best man for global peace: I don’t even wanna know where the planet was right now with a president Hilary. 😮


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