Glastonbury comes to Sansar for 2020


Glastonbury in SL, YAY! \o/ What a nifty festival with much more quirky performers than the usual festival fodder. I love QOTSA like the next girl but come on, their output is lacking and they are super predictable these days. Like most American bands they bore me. What a refreshing festival Glastonbury is in contrast to the usual stuff. And now it’s in Seco…
Oh! 😮
Sheet! :/
So, a lot of extremely realistic builds and a, maybe, very professional line-up and for what? So that an audience of maybe 10 people may enjoy it?

Let’s read what Inara knows about the virtual Glastonbury …

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The Glastonbury Shangri-La Gas Tower in Sansar. Courtesy of Lost Horizon

Those who attend the annual Glastonbury Festival in England are likely aware that the SARS-CoV 2 pandemic has caused this year’s event to be cancelled in the physical world. Nevertheless, one part of it will be going ahead within the virtual realm – and the venue for it will be Sansar.

The team behind Glastonbury’s night-time activities  – called Glastonbury Shangri-La – have teamed up with Wookey Technologies and VRJAM to stage a two-day virtual festival on Friday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 4th. The virtual event, called Lost Horizon, will take place across four purpose-built stages in Sansar. More than 50 music acts including DJs Peggy Gou, Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox and Pete Tong will play during the 12-hour event. In addition, the festival will also feature more than 200 visual art pieces, curated by the ShangrilART…

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  1. “So that an audience of maybe 10 people may enjoy it?”

    Depends on how the promotion goes. Monstercat, the Canadian Electronic Dance Music company – who are supposed to be returning to Sansar – routinely got some 1,500 sign-ups to their monthly Sansar Call of the Wild live DJ events, for example. So who is to say how many Lost Horizon might get, given the breadth of advertising going on around it (particularly in the the UK).

    Of course, those 1,500 attending Monstercat, anf the XYZ who may attend Lost Horizon are unlikely to become active Sansar Users. But that’s beside the point.

    Providing Wookey can offer client a means to monetise their events (tickets sales are already possible, Lost Horizon just isn’t leveraging it) through merchandise tie-ins, etc., and they can demonstrate how the platform could be used to deliver a range of tailored activities / events / services to clients, then they might just be able to carve a market for themselves and survive – and without remotely having to become “second Life like”.

    I admittedly have some strong doubts as to whether this can be done (I certainly do not believe that a platform can generate it’s own community of users through this type of event), but I’ll continue to hold off on writing it off until Wookey have had a fair crack at the whip.

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    • 1,500??? Whoa, Inara,I never knew. Last thing I’ve heard was a maximum of, like, 30 avies loggged on at the same time. Something must’ve happened with Sansar since then. And when the Wookey guys found Sansar valuable enough to invest in it, I guess they know what they are doing … contrary to LL. 😐


      • The average concurrency for user-led events tends to be around 20-ish, sometimes peaking at 40.

        The “big” EDM events draw many more – but not the kind of attendee interested in jumping around Sansar outside of their interest, hence the disparity. I’ve also just noticed Monstercat is back on Sansar events, twice a month, so it will be interesting to see how many register interest / show up.

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          • Monstercat is an 8-year old Canadian independent electronic sance music (EDM) record label. It initially came to prominence featuring Marshmello, one of the biggest names in EDM, and who is now a keen gamer and member of the Fortnite gaming community.

            And segueing slightly in topic:

            In February 2019 Marshmello and Fortnite gained world-wide coverage when he performed a concert in-world in Fortnite that attracted 11 MILLION attendees (and actually kicked-off the whole “concerts in virtual spaces” movement that Linden Lab tried to pivot Sansar towards in October 2019.

            The Marshmello concert was remarkable, and has seen been pointed to as a means of building a platform audience (not just with Sansar, but other platforms as well – even Game of Tanks has tried to get in on the idea, hosting heavy metal concerts in specially constructed “battlegrounds”). However, as I’ve noted a few times in writing about the Fortnite / Marshmello event, many reporting on it at the time missed his unique relationship with the platform and the massive size of its registered user base (200 million world-wide – although doubtless not all of them are active), both of which likely contributed to the massive success of his concert.

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