Prison: Day 75

Mornin’ streetfighterz!

Very fitting 100 Words Story by R Crap Mariner, aka Laurence Simon in RL, today.

Read …

“They won’t do that again!”

BTW, you still out there or has the novelty effect worn off by now and building a new society for realz would be far too tedious and labour intense? So “the State” has won again and your human rights went down the shitter. 😮 😦

Same effect as Occupy Wall Street and Fridays for Future = Null! Zilch! Zero! Nada! Nichts! 😦

And what does the gov’mt has to say about all that?

Fortunately – for me – I’m kinda on the outside, looking in. So usually I should just crack some lame jokes and  gags and do some socialist propaganda. Because, you know I can do it. This is my blog and I can do whatever. But, honestly, it’s all a bit much lately. When sociopaths aren’t lone idiots anymore but amass and charming huge demographics of society with their primitive world view and popular ways to infuse society with their carelessly brutal politics … I just don’t feel it anymore. I don’t have it in me. Guess my protesting days are over. 😦

I guess most of you don’t have enough fighting spirit left either, or do ya?

Eeeks! What a hard fight. Bish broke a nail! 😮

So, what now?

You lost out in the streets, your own fukn president hates you, his sociopath millionaire cronies are making you ever poorer. You probably got many thousands more infected with Covid-19 during the people packed protests, so best way is indeed to sneak back home, lock yourselves away from society, and try your best to stay healthy. :/

If you happen to be a person of colour, please don’t be stupid but read this:

Lengthy read but well worth it.

Everybody: How do I know you lost and are not worth to worry about? Watch:

That’s a downer isn’t it?

But, hey, you’re alive and breathing and getting your giggles from super duper blogs like Thar She Blows!, the blog by and for the people! 🙂

So, kidz, you know the drill: Wash your hands, sanitize, stay home, swallow your vitamins, stay away from the alcohol, be excellent to each other. SURVIVE!

You know, same evening or afternoon the ban on alcohol sales was lifted, for the first time in two months our usuallly peaceful and chill suburban air was filled with the sound of ambulance and police sirens.


Ya, for sure. 😐


… and keep on fighting!




  1. Some cities are going to attempt change, based on a city that succeeded in 2004, or 14… don’t ask me where cause I already forgot.

    Buuut, while flaming over the ongoing protests and calling a 75yr old, still hospitalized, peaceful protester names, thr tRump admin has been quietly attempting to adopt laws to deny LGBTQ peeps the right to adopt, and to end digital encryption so they can spy on everyone (the EARN IT act… what a name!).

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