Luke Smith Recommends Manjaro Linux

For beginners!



I mean, the fuq would a bloddy n00b do on Manjaro? It’s a recipe for desaster! And a bonafide über geek like Luke Smith has maybe forgotten how confusing even a Ubuntu or Mint system is when you have just freshly arrived from Windows. Otoh I can remember even that stupid Orca woman once said “Why not Manjaro for beginners? The desktops are the same on Mint as on Manjaro, so it’s 99% compatible anyway. In fact why waste time on Mint when you can start already in a higher league?”

But don’t listen to Orca. Here comes true expertise directly out of geekdom:

Didn’t understand everything? Me neither. Doesn’t matter. For our needs as Linux housewives, we only need to know a couple simple facts:

  • Installation is as simple as a Mint or Ubuntu install.
  • Same as with Mint – the shit just werkz!
  • Don’t listen to Luke, don’t use Xfce. Manjaro is available with your favourite Cinnamon desktop as well. We housewives need some luxury and good looks! There’s also as Mate version for when you wanna be as cool and oldstyle sexy as Orcsibaby. Super duper.
  • Asking yourself what all the excitement about snaps and flatpacks is about? Don’t! We don’t need that confusing shit in Arch and Manjaro since we have the AUR to install every FOSS program under the sun from.
  • Talking about Arch, of which Manjaro is a bastardized fork, why don’t we skip it and go directly with Endeavour? Ya, that’s Orca’s recommendation – for n00bs!!! If you know just a little bit about computerz and are curious and want the best, just go for it! So take all the benefits Luke told you about and get them even a tiny bit better and with less interference by any devs and enjoy a simple af super Linux!
  • As Luke said Manjaro/Endeavour really saves you from a lot of headaches. Everything is clear and, yes, simple. Not necessarily easy for when you’re totally clueless but simple to operate for no-idiots. Much more simple than all Ubuntu and Debian forks and daughter distros.





  1. I guess it depends on the person, you know. Luke does have a point, but I’d say you’re right too. I discovered Linux through my brother and Manjaro would probably have been too difficult, but far easier than Arch (which he made me start with… lol?)
    Good article anyway, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • As always, Philippe, it all depends on the individual user: Win users are often so hardcoded, it’s nearly impossible to open their minds for new, better ways of computing.
      And n00bs come in all forms and shapes. When they come from Win and Mac and never cared about their computers in the first place and only know where to click to get stuff done (but not why) the switchover to Linux doesn’t fail because of a closed mind but fails because of pure ignorance and lack of interest. They woudn’t even see the diff between their own Win desktop and Linux. That’s unfortunately 98% of all girls.

      By now I just write some Linux stuff sometimes just to amuse myself, because I need to get it out of my system. I’ve mostly given up on trying to win people over to Linux.

      “If they insist on it, let them eat shit!”

      The main hurdle with pure vanilla Arch is the installation. Once you got it on your machine, the rest is kinda easy, depending on your skills. But why punish yourself with an Arch install? We have Endeavour, which comes complete with easy peasy Calamares installer and 8 or 9 desktops and window managers … It’s the spiritual successor of Antergos, It leaves you alone with all the bloated beginners’ shit. Put that on your machine, do your updates and roll into eternity! 🙂

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      • I totally agree, it all depends on the end user and 99% of the time they indeed wouldn’t see a diff b/w mint or windows, as long as they can click away.
        I don’t see the Arch install as a punishment however (perhaps bec I’m more experienced) but as an opportunity. A bit like learning methodology in school, you know. If people knew what shit is on their computer, perhaps they’d be more inclined to learn instead of just trusting some random people to do everything in their stead. There’d be so much more freedom if Linux was more widely spread. But anyway, you’re right, people are free to do whatever they want, even if some people judge that as being the wrong decision (as long they’re happy with it, so should we be xD)

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