Prison: Day 74

Morning survivors! 😉

At least I hope you’ve all survived our new highly fancy virus so far … and will go on surviving it. For that purpose your best instrument is a facemask. It also makes a silly fashion accessoire. And the WHO just revised its recommendations for types of masks and how to treat and wear them. In case you didn’t survive … wtf are you still doing here?

Looksie. Infographic:


Failed mask experiment. 😦

Hm, in puncto “no touchy the mask” I failed and will go on failing but I don’t wear a fabric mask either but a shaped styropor mask which I need to touch to get it on and off. But otoh that thing sits tight and snuggly around mouth and nose, so I guess I’m good.

Orca’s sweaty but rugged facemask is certified PPE with actual protection.

What I notice very often, especially with women, is that they only cover their mouth but leave the nose free. I guess that defies the purpose, does it not? And what we shouldn’t forget: These masks aren’t necessarily protecting us from the virus (mine does!), but supposedly protect others from us, from our microfluids when we sneeze and breathe.

Only SL user I know who died from Covid-19: Ucello Poultry

Oh, the pic of Uccie reminds me of something. She was American. And considering the state of public healthcare and preparedness in the USA, Covid-19 is almost as deadly as cancer when you’re an American citizen. 😮 Sooooo … please be not!

Okay, today’s look at the statistics:


Okokokok … I get it. Humanity’s fuked. But we didn’t need Covid-19 to find out about that, did we?

Hey frens, let’s forget about doomed humanity for now, there’s nothing we can do apart from staying home, don’t get infected and don’t spread the virus any further. I propose we’re doing exactly that. We stay home and get on Project Linux, a new station in your personal evolution! Here are the 4 best way for you to start:

  1. The careful way: You wait for Linux Mint 20’s release, which may only be days away
  2. You fuk Mint 20 and install 19.3 nownow. I guess you will be more or less automatically updated to version 20 once it drops
  3. Or, from 19.3 you just update to Mint 20 alpha version already
  4. Even better, for the confident white men among you, there is always EndeavourOS ready and waiting for you. Come on, it’s no rocket science when you know a bit or two about computers. And if Orca can do it … a cocky but ultimately clueless little girl, ugh, you know it’s no problem for you neither!


Other than that please stay home, stay healthy, wash your hands and be excellent to each other.

Bai for now



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