Prison: Day 72, 73

‘hoy mateys! 🙂

Know why I didn’t write my diary yesterday?

Because I didn’t have any special news or anything you wouldn’t know already. Right? I mean you probably sit at home, same as me, with the same access to the interwebz as I do. Riiiite?

And slowly the coronavirus is losing its novelty effect. All funny videos have been filmed, all the shallow, stale jokes been told, quarantine is the new normal, it’s our everyday business and we’ve adjusted more or less well and are doing more or less ok-ish. I hope you guys are doing very good, and get all your projects done to everybody’s great satisfaction.

Let your fellow blogreaders help you.

That reminds me, how’s your Linux project coming along? You know there are some very knowledgeable users and experts reading this blog … and even your goofball editrix knows a thing or two. So if you run into trubbelz, which is normal and no reason for  despair, just ask away. Below every post in this blog there is a comment section, why not use this one to tell us about any occuring problems. Your problem will be solved quickly. You know even the coolest Arch users are sitting at home with nothing to do, other than just helping you get set up and become an awesomely sexy penguin! 🙂

Let Orca help you. 😉

But what you can’t do, what isn’t even a legal option, would be to just go on with your Windows and Apple riff raff. So give yourself a chance, your future self, the more mature, wiser, better version of you, will be forever grateful and happy that you did this one bold yet so easy first step!

Oké, back to the coronabizniz, here are the current statistics from South Africa:

Nobody knows how many people are living in SA right now, probably many more than we seem to know. So this statistic hovers in a vacuum, no?

The numbers are … dunno. I’ve forgotten what yesterday’s bodycount was like. But at least I know now that my personal lockdown day-count is correct since the official number is 73, too. Finding the positive sides and joy in the smallest things. 😉

I hope you do too!

Like every day, stay home, stay healthy, don’t let your kidz go out, don’t mingle with strangers, wear your mask when outside, sanitize, wash your hands, eat your veggies, be an excellent citizen, install linux and fukn SURVIVE!




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