WATCH: Last of British citizens fly home from South Africa

Pheew, finally those unruly Brits are gone. =^.^=

Took them quite a while methinks, but is typically British as they aren’t known for efficient organisation skills. AFAIK everybody else is long gone. Americans, French, Germans, all nations except the British. But now they packed the last stragglers into some planes and sent them off.

Whatchy dat vid for proof!

Does  that mean hubby and me are the last living Europeans in South Africa?




  1. Actually, this week an elderly man (in The Netherlands) told me that his son is still stuck in Bali now, with his wife. So it’s not just the British 😛

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    • Worse places to be stuck in than Bali I guess. 😉
      And I think they could’ve gotten out if they wanted, no? NL doesn’t let their people get stranded.


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