Prison: Day 71

Hey Lockdowners of the world,

and again I’m starting my diary without the slightest idea what to write about. :/

Ok, bye and cya laterz


… Naaaw. Not so fast young Orca, I won’t let you get away so quickly, bish! You could at least try to post something that’s a little bit useful and maybe informative. Honour your Germanic ethnicity and be less charming but more effective … lol, both are unknown concepts for me.

But I could  try, no?

So here’s what I found as news from my new hometown. Maybe a breakthrough in the fight against Covid-19:

Yikes, that science geek looks and talks like he would rather need a cure against AIDS, no? But, no shit, let’s hope he found something really helpful and with a global appeal and deployability. Wouldn’t that be great?

Of course are not all SAfricans such outstanding people. Look at this less than stellar POS here:

Uusally I find the harsh, direct SAfrican way of communication quite joyful. But there is a time for everything … and that time isn’t now!

You know the drill, so say it with me:


… or maybe she’d love to hear some comments about her multiple chins and that it would need a whole classroom of learners to sit on her neck, in order to leave any impression.

But there are also some nice and internationally solidary people here at the fairest cape:

Black Lives Matter … even in African countries. 🙂

Noticed there were no swart mense in the video? They got more pressing business, more important stuff to do than virtue signaling. Surviving for example.

SA is on Threat Level 3. Aha. Good to know, whatever that means. 😐

Look, very practical statistics from all over the world. Just stop then spinning globe when your country comes along and see the latest numbers:

Here you klik:

Most important info for all of us: THE CURVE IS STILL ASCENDING! No reason to ease the lockdown, send your youngsters to school or go to work! … she says while outside her window the complex workers are mowing the common lawn. 😮

I hope you’re not as stupid as our gardeners and stick to the comfy confines of your homes, stay in bed, make sweet love to your loved ones or your spouses (may they never meet) and cook something nice or bake a cake or get drunk or whatever. Everything is better than becoming a number in the corona statistics, isn’t it?

CYA freaks laterz



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