Second Life Destinations – The Empire of Dreaming Books

Explore “The Empire of Dreaming Books,” an elaborate region that features a vast system of tunnels and catacombs worth getting lost in. If you venture far enough, you’ll also encounter the largest bookcase that you will find in any world – virtual or otherwise.
Inspiration for the project comes from a passion for the Zamonia series of books by German author Walter Moers, according to Num Bing who co-created the elaborate region with her boyfriend Clifton Howlet.
“There are books everywhere,” says Bing. “There’s no electricity. It’s [filled with] candle lights [and] all kinds of little book shops, restaurants [and] little houses…Outside the little city, we have added all the pretty little things that you like for kind of quiet serene moments. There’s a small stream, a garden, and trees.”
The ambitious project represents the first Second Life region created by the duo.
“Our visitors and all of their positive feedback have surprised and humbled us, and we are both very excited to see how much our creation is being enjoyed,” says Bing. To learn more, watch the video or explore it inworld.
Video Production: Draxtor Despres
A favourite of the younger TV audiences: Käptn Blaubär and ship rat Hein Blöd
Adolf, the Nazi Pig
Of course is my fellow German Drax a fan of Walter Moers. I’m too. And I don’t know of any Germans who aren’t. I mean who can seriously hate a cartoon artist who’s most famous character is known only as The Little Asshole, a 10 y/o schoolboy and pretty much the least politically correct and cringeworthy character ever. He made it into countless comic books and two dedicated movies.
Another of his figures is Adolf the Nazi Pig. Looks like an alter ego of the Asshole. Go figure. 😉
OTOH he created Käptn Blaubär, a storytelling old seaferer, for the pretty young TV watchers.
The Little Asshole often goes “commando”


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