Prison: Days 68, 69

My apologies again for getting lazy with my daily diary. Can you imagine the creative power of Laurence Simon aka. R. Crap Mariner who comes up with a 100 Word Story each and every day since 15 years? That’s a literary richness of ~5,475 cool stories. And lazy Orca doesn’t even manage to scribble a couple lines in a daily logbook over the course of a couple months medical self-quarantine. Silly gurl. :/

Anyhoo, today – my clockwatch showing 06:43 a.m. right now – I’ve already managed to install a screencapture video program, just so I can show you some shit in my teribbly bad YouTube channel. And I also did a ArchLinux system update, as I do them a couipe times every day. Nothing special for Arch users. Only thing that’s a bit different, and totally new for me, is that I didn’t use the terminal this time!

In my attempt to make ArchLinux appear less dangerous and complex for new converts, I did the update with just some mouseclicks in a graphical environment.

It’s really baby easy. Look:

Not even one-and-a-half minutes for a whole bunch of software updates and some slow show-offish mousery. Whoa! Told ya it’s easy-peasy.

So, onto the really important daily news:

Clueless politicians with headwraps who can’t wrap their heads around the laws of their country and some real murder crime in SA plus as illegally bonking couple in the London underground. This is all so exciting, isn’t it?

Oh, and then the Simon Wiesenthal Center sided with Trump (of all the people), made an ass of itself  and dishonoured the late great Simon Wiesenthal himself. 😦 He understood that you need to break some china if you wanna succeed.

You gotta read the commentaries, guys. People are not as stupid and easy to herd as the US gov’mt so wrongly assumed. And the SWC only brought shande upon itself.

Ok, enough of that. Now go and install Endeavour OS on your bestest, most expensive computer, cause it deserves nothing less, and instantly become the most happy person on the surface of this planet. Or at least, if you never had the honour before, install fukn Mint on some outdated cheapo hardware and get a taste of how it could be, how good you could have it. 😉

And here a pic of Oubaas in the Mist as I just shot 2 minutes ago.

Peepelz, frens, bishies; stay home, stay healthy, let no-one tell you to get back to school or work. They have no fukn clue and are acting purely out of political reasons. Because the lobbyists told them to say so. In their eyes you’re replaceable, you’re just a weight around their ankles when they don’t need your votes. Only thing you’re good for is to work in their factories and offices and consume their shitty goods. But we rather say Fuk Dat Shit! and stay alive, don’t we?

And anyway, weren’t you just given a much more noble task by cute little Orcsipoopsie? So, come on, grab a USB stick, put a Linux ISO on it and install The Good Shit on your computer.

CYA laterz



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