Good News for Linux Users *EDIT* Added YT Video and 2 More Articles

You know I said it since long that Lenovo machines – the professional ones – make superduper Linux machines. They never start bitching and only accept Microsoft crapola but always were historically very open for installation of Unix and Linux systems. As they have to be in a professional environment that is ruled and totally dominated by Linux/Unix.

Free of all worries with certified Lenovo + Linux

And now they made it official, as you can buy your Lennies complete with preinstalled Ubuntu and RHEL distros out of the box!

No mention of the consumer and gamer machines tho. Of course Linux install should be possible but one never knows how much power Microsoft has over Lenovo to influence them to close their UEFIs for other OSes than just Windows. :/ Fukn Secure Boot anyone?

Of course you can install Windows as well. But who the fuk wants to ever do such nonsense???

This YouTuber is, like, a totally excited penguin. :/

OMG! ubuntu! is particularly happy. 😐
ZDNet wrote a nice in-depth article.


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