Mint cheating heart. Antix ooo la la; but she’s a boy?

Everybody knows your editrix is way too cool to use anything Ubuntu-ish, eventhough she recomends Mint for all of you as a starter and everyday Linux distro. And this writeup by gsas0 made me so horny and lusty for installing Mint again … just because.
Let’s see what influence this article will have on you …

And I will too. Once the long-awaited Mint 20 is out I’ll check it out for this blog. People are already beta testing and finding it greatly improved. That’s the good thing about great distros, they just become better, they evolve from version to version, while average distros are going back n forth and never find their sure footing. Yeah, looking at you Ubuntu.

Anyhoo, enjoy!

My Voyage to Linux

So as a new Linux user I am slowly discovering the wonderful world of distros. My first install and love being Mint.

I felt like a teenage boy who had his first real crush and gets passed second or third base. I mean Mint took me there, she was my first. Mint de-virginized me. She popped my Linux cherry. Just like Tammy… Aah yes I can still remember her last name. I grin with glee 30 years later.

So I’m a guy you know. I mean although Tammy, ugh I mean Mint was my first I am still just a beginner. I respect Mint since she showed me the ropes and was gentle in her introduction to Linux, she’s on my old go to laptop now.

I have a new laptop, one with an old grammie Windows 10 OS. I mean Mint is a babe compared to that wrinkly old…

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