A Favela challenges stereotypes where otherness is at stake

Guys, what do you think, shall editrix Orcsi send out her sailing correspondent Lucy to this little Favela in SL? Why Lucy you ask? That hottie is a Brazilian born and bred and lives there to this day. Well, notwithstanding president Bolsonaro, I guess everything is better than the US right now. Anyway, like Ricco, Lucy is in a capacity to report about A Favela, much better than white bitch from the north Orca.

You hear that, Lu? Grab your notepad and camera and go reporting!

Second Sighting

Cats in a Brazilian slum in Second Life, with a Kobra mural reproduced on a wall (left)

When I first visited A Favela, a parcel in Second Life decorated by Lotus Mastroianni and Fred Hamilton in a way that represents a typical Brazilian slum (actually, a typical slum in Rio de Janeiro), I thought it looked accurate enough to go beyond a simple display of stereotypes. Indeed, it offered me an opportunity to reflect on a series of subjects concerning what one could call otherness: how to balance the temptation of treating different societies (or cultures) as exotic; how powerful can SL be as a tool to avoid that risk; and how it feels to be the other in a world of so many possibilities.

At the arrival point, a Kobra mural and some ads

A Favela is really well put together (apart from minor physics problems in…

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  1. “Well, notwithstanding president Bolsonaro, I guess everything is better than the US right now.” Hum, I don’t know… I think we are, in both countries, living our tragedies right now. They are different, but I wouldn’t know how to measure which one could be more damaging for each country. Well, it’s not a competition either. I’m just saying that, in Brazil, even if things may look a bit calmer, there’s something growing inside the country’s “body”, like in that Alien scene (I mean the original movie, the very 1st one), something that may come out at any time in a malignant outbreak.

    About A Favela, I would love to see another Brazilian SL resident reporting on it: what would they say?

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    • Hi Ricco, what an honour to have such a famous SL resident visiting my humble bloggo.

      As an outsiderI can’t say much about either country, other than the US is the most dangerous rogue nation on the planet right now. And Brazil at least has sunshine and music and sunny-minded people.

      Yes, I’d love to see another Brazilian resident report on A Favela as well. That’s why I asked my co-blogger Lucy to visit the sim and write a little report. Lucy is Brasileira.
      Full name: LucyInTheSky Afarensis if you wanna talk to her or invite her over. 😉

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      • Actually, it was an honor to have my post reblogged here. I didn’t even know I was famous, lol, don’t do that to me or I’ll get shy.

        It’s not gonna be easy, but we have to resist, to stand and to survive these crazy times, for when this craziness is over, we’ll have a difficult task ahead: that of repairing what was damaged and trying to guarantee that the results are even better. In other words, it’s not to go back to what we had before, but to rebuild the world making it better, if that makes sense.

        I am curious to see what Lucy will say about A Favela. Thank you for sharing her full name. It will be great to see what she thinks of the place.

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