Prison: Days 66, 67


Sorry for no diary yesterday, today I come with better news anyway:

As from today, 01 June, 2020, we’re on lockdown Stage 3. Which means many more shops may open for business and we peepelz can … fuk do I know. I do whatever I please without endangering others or myself in any way. But good to know I can start thinking about Oubaas’ restoration again and visit my mechanic and stuffz. Oh, and maybe try to get some unhealthy McDonald’s burgers. 🙂

Alcohol is a terrible drug. Look at all them junkies. 😦

Also much better news from America! Seems people are waking up and solidarizing across that croaking nation and the doggone country. And it’s not just the Black Block of Antifa fighters but indeed people from all walks of life.


The Amish?

The Amish!!!

Portland is positively weird. 🙂 Not just because 99% of Portlandians are using Linux but …

From ALL walks of life and ALL sides!

See, that’s how you win a revolution, by winning the hearts and respect of the people, even of the enemy. Because the police isn’t the enemy, or at least they shouldn’t be. They have the most difficult and thankless job in this scenario and the protesters often forget that under the stormtrooper uniforms they are just people, citizens like every other citizen, arsefuked by the politicians, and sent out to get their fellow Americans under control. They are the most fuked pawns in these times of trubbel.

Wonderful gesture and in itself also a sign of civil disobedience.


Meanwhile those fashionable Washtonians discovered the latest trend:

Storm the Führerhauptquartier!

Our country: a tinderbox.

Our president: a pyromaniac.

Guys, this isn’t my country, and normally I don’t give a fuk about what happens on the left side of the Atlantic but as a fellow SLer and blogger, virtually “knowing” many Americans by now, I’m kinda interested what happens to my online frens and I hope for your sake that these new protests don’t lead to nothing and will soon be forgotten but that the unrest, that started in Minneapolis and is now spreading all over the states, even into your capitol and almost into the Führerbunker, will be kept alive. And grow! This is not Occupy, this isn’t sweet, this is fukn serious. So treat it accordingly!

And finally force the 1% to its knees the negotiating table and make them listen and take you seriously!!!

I so hope the American people will finally take matters in their own hands and organize a better America! Guys, your enemy doesn’t sit in Moscow, in Tehran, Pyongyang, Beijing or Damascus; your enemy is much closer, it sits in Washington, DC, USA. And it sits on your neck, pressing the air and life out of you!

Don’t let  them fukkaz kill you!



    • Mhm, all just window dressing and virtue signaling. “Look, we arrested the cop, justice will be kinda done. “See, we slap his wrist and send him to anger management course. Be happy now, go home and stfu.” Don’t let that be enough. Demand more! They want you to be proud to be an American living in an amazing America, don’t they? Soooo…


      • I don’t get that 2nd and 3rd degree charge at all. The death was 1st degree! And the kill was executed coldhearted, in front of a running camera. No further questions your honour.


        • Cross country it already is … and I don’t mean the sport. Over 50 major cities are having protests now.


            • The 92 riots, what did they really change in American politics/society?
              Nothing, right? Riots get you as much hate as sympathies.
              Know how to slowly and unspectacularly change your country?
              With peaceful mass demonstrations! Something everybody can identify with and get involved in, from 2 y/o toddlers in their prams up to 90 y/o toddlers with their walkers. That’s how the people in Eastern Germany got their regime onto the knees in 88. Peaceful afternoon walkabouts … in large groups. 🙂
              No black blocks, no violence, no storming the Reichstag, no reason for stasi and peoples police to use violence or weapons. Just stroll along. Clergymen, actors, human rights activists and pop stars up front, towing a looong tail of walkers behind them. And they became more and more each week … until the wall tumbled down.


              • Rioting isn’t meant to fix situations but to vent anger.
                92 obviously fixed nothing. In fact, it did additional damage… many businesses abandoned black communities. Downtown Long Beach only recently achieved significant steps toward repair/improvement. Last night wasn’t bad enough to undo that.

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                • “Rioting isn’t meant to fix situations but to vent anger.”

                  Mhm,Trevor seems to see it that way as well. I’m not to sure about the implications. A majority of people aren’t hurt enough by the actions of the high and mighty and their police force and won’t sympathize with your cause when you disturb their daily toil.

                  So the anger venting can shoot yoursef in the foot. I’ve noticed it live when I was a kid and the Baader-Meinhoff gang showed Germany what terror is all about. Kidnapped and killed some industrials, bankers and old-nazi judges and while we kiddies were like \o/ YAY! \o/ our parents generation was like Oh fukn NOES! When they intellectually should’ve been on the side of the terrorists they cheered on our politicians and police and homeland security. Never understimate the cowardice of humans. 😦


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