Prison: Day 65

Heyyy Self Isolators!

Went out for groceries yesterday, spent a shitload of money on a shitload of premade sushi. Still alive today. Cool.

Also bought another shitload of egg-mayo sandwiches and egg-mayo wraps, and started feasting on them now. Will have a real chance of surviving those since they were only to be sold by today. I just checked. Pheeew, lucky us. 😉

Anyhoo, got enough foodstuffz, so I won’t have to leave the house in the next two weeks!

Lekker: Egg-mayo wrap.

The headlines slowly, very slowly seem to shift away from Corona to other, more important, more worthwile shit: American police killing blacks, and a certain purple haired celeb (for whatev reason) are obviously of more interest to the average SAfrican than their own survival and shitty situation right now. 😦

IOL is well-informed.

Methinks Mr. Lup should take care not to to get slapped with a copyright lawsuit by Adidas. Those pesky Gerries can be, like, real sticklers for the law. :/

So, that’s all the patience I could bring up for Covid-19 today, see y’all a bit later, ‘kay?

Stay healthy, stay positive, wear your social distancing shoes and be excellent to each other.




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