Linux Sucks 2020

Bryan Lunduke is in lockdown. Of course he is, as we all are. So for the first time ever he did his Linux Sucks presentation not in front of a live audience but from his mancave, streaming to the interwebz. Unfortunately not on his YouTube channel but on his geeky channel.

Let’s see if I can link from there, too:

Fuk. 😮 Doesn’t werk. Not directly. 😦

But if you lick that linkage it should show you …

… and with some luck it’ll soon be on YT as well, for all the fine folk too stupid to klikka that link. 😐
Linux evangelist on Apple : Idiot Jim Zemlin

Watch it if you want. I just did and … well, it was okay. We had better Linux Sucks speeches. It seems our good Lunduke is running out of steam and ideas (using the 2017 Jim Zemlin fiasco again, really?), same as the whole Linux universe. We’re living in a time of consolidation, of boring same-old-ness, in all aspects regarding Linux.

Asking me (better don’t) I think it’s great. Gone are the times of wild creativity, of epic battles and bitchy infights, hello to the stable-dry-as-a-bone workhorse distributions. Let’s not forget we’re not members of some great revolution, of system vs system wars, of people vs corporations revolutions, we’re just talking about a computer operating system, ffs!

Our respective Linuxes are snuggly fitting us like Orca’s new lambskin slippers, oh so soft and warm and just awwwww. 😉 We found our new homes, now leave us in peace, ok? Why would I scream and shout at you, just because you’re a bumfuked Kubuntu user, you asshole? It brings me no joy and I wish you all the best in your personal hell, you great person, you.

Mmmmmm. So cuddly, so soft. =^.^=

Talking, even fighting about Linux. Honestly, could you imagine a more boring and dreadful topic? Let’s all just be like Marcellus and be like …

Orca’s on Arch but still loves you. 😉

Proud to be a member of that 1,6%, BTW I use Arch!

I use Arch as well, Marcellus, but let’s not look down on the other, lesser 1.6 percenters too obviously, ‘kay?


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