Biggest Dedicated Covid-19 Hospital in Africa

It’s not like the sleepy city is totally unprepared. Look:

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde on Tuesday conducted a walk-through of the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), which has been repurposed as a field hospital to assist medical facilities in the province amid the coronavirus crisis.

Africa is slow, and Cape Town is infamous for being slow even among other South African cities. But by now the ball is rolling and it’s rolling slowly but steadily and strongly.

Remember when in the first few days of lockdown I was desperately searching for hand sanitizer and a face mask? Well by now we have almost too much of both items, as you can get them in huge amounts in pretty much every store. Even fancy ones, with funny designs or the SA flag on them, or camouflage.

I just have that nagging doubt they’ll maybe not have enough test kits and ventilators for all the patients.

But we shall see. 😐


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