Prison: Day 62

A heartfelt and warm good morning, fellow humanoids

Weird how in these times of lockdown and conceived boredness the feared Timefreeze effect doesn’t happen. Know what I mean? When, for example, back in school, Friday, last class, your parents are waiting for you at home, car already packed for the weekend at the sea, you can’t wait to finally go, and you see every second turning into a minute, every minute becoming an hour and time seems like stuck in melasses.


Never before did the time from 12:29 to 12:30 and the final bell take sooo long.


Weirdly it’s kinda the opposite now. Time seems to fly, I get nothing done, all the plans I made at the beginning of the quarantine turned into nothing, hardly get around to even brush my teeths. 😮

Brushie brushie

So let’s quickly check what’s up with that favourite virus of the masses:

I’m not doing single links to boring stories in a far-away land anymore.

Notice how uneven all the news are? I guess it’s not much different in your home countries and communities, or is it? On one hand people can crowd together in churches so god can sort ’em out, on the other hand women protesting the unbanning of alcohol to their brutal husbands.

D’oh! 😮

I wish our respective gov’mts would finally make up their minds and follow their route decidedly. This wibbly wobbly course leads nowhere. When from June 1 on I can freely mingle with the other kids and all the shops are open – despite steadily growing numbers of infections and bodycount – what for did we hide away during the last 8 weeks, eh?


I feel like they shitted on me, or not on me directly, but on most of you guys. Maybe you’ve lost your job, had plans cancelled or whatever, maybe even have sick family members. And now your own gov’mt shows you the middle finger. Or in some countries we know the president will take a swill of bleach and laugh at you for being such a pansy. 😦


Want my expert advice? No. But I give it to you nevertheless because a) I’m a jedi and b) I’m in selfquarantine lockdown since 2 monthes now, so I kinda know my way around.

LOL. Yes, I know during a global lockdown that doesn’t make me special, well, except that jedi part, but still. Let’s at least discuss. So I recommend we all stay at home and only go out to purchase essential goods (like for instance the mousemat I bought the other day) and don’t go on clothes shopping sprees or driving around senselessly.

Don’t do that! (but playback with 2x speed for more danger and fun! Battery dies at 8:18 anyway)

So, my dearios, see that you’re always well-rested and well-fed, superduper sanitized and protected. And don’t mingle with the neighour kidz! You don’t know where they’ve been! :/ Methinks just because our no-good politicians give a fuk about us we shan’t let our guard down! They say it’s ok. It’s perfectly save we go back to work and we go shop our litle greedy hearts out. They wanny lull us in a sense of false security just so the economy can restart. And that is more worth than your life?

We say FUK YOU!


They spend and waste us and let us die. We resist! … and stay home like the total lame farts we claim not to be.






    • “Basically, these types of bloggers are supporters of Totalitarian type of governments, and they are helping to push Socialism/Communism/Fascism/Nazism/Progressivism views of Chinese Coronavirus FUD.”

      Naaaw, I’m not. That’s way too many theories to subscribe to. I’m a simple social democrat and trade unionist from a working class family. I just think if we have a pandemic, as the experts say, I rather stay at home and play it save, and urge all other people to do the same while the scientists are working on a vaccine. I don’t wanna be counterproductive during such a crisis. That’s all.
      And, hey, I break away sometimes, as you can see in the video. I’m just sticking to my van and don’t get close to other people.

      “Do we lockdown countries over heart attacks? Do we lockdown countries over lung cancer? Do we lockdown countries over auto deaths?”

      Neither heart attacks nor lung cancer or auto death (whatever that may be, like an automatic death?) are contagious and pandemic.

      “Countries certainly don’t go into lockdowns over the common Flu, so why does the Chinese Coronavirus get *SPECIAL* lockdown attention?!”

      Because it’s much much more dangerous and causes long-term health damage, even after patients recover.

      “It’s because a minority of Americans & a majority of Europeans made it political in hopes of stopping President Trump from being reelected. Simple as that.”

      You mad bro?
      Trump’s the best that could happen to the world. The Chinese say so themselves. Why would we stop him. He’s bad for the American people, but if they are too lame to rebel we’re like “Pfffrz!” He’s a businessman, and not a particularly clever one, so if you dangle the proverbial carrot in front of his nose, he becomes very predictable and easy to deal with.
      And anyway, how important do you think America is for us, that we think so much about the USA and its president? Not very.
      And while the USA starts a hopeless economic warfare against China, all other nations are doing good business with the Chinks. Trump is just such a great entertaining figure and gives us so many hilarious news, it’s hard escaping that topic as a blogger. It’s like a free meal. 🙂


  1. I’ve been seeing more & more stories about how the 1918 pandemic went through the same thing… 3 major waves of infections, lasting 2ys… because people kept going back to life as norm whereas the Spanish Flu decided to stick around.

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    • Is gonna happen today as well. Not that humanity – or at least our medicine people – didn’t become more clever but our politicians kinda refused to evolve, and mostly even regressed and lulling harmless idiots into a false sense of security … on orders of the capitalist overlords.


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