Prison: Day 61

Guten Morgen Leute,

didn’t I say it, didn’t I, and the Teacher’s Union, warn those overly optimistic bollockticians? Now look what you done, aholes:

Would you send your beloved kidz in school to get infected by sicko teachers?

But I was wrong about we never get real snow here at the cape …

Well, here in the city, close by the oceans, it’s just glorious, and most welcome, rain.
But with the rest I was wrong. Fortunately hubby and me are sea people, not mountainfolk.

But there are also good news. This one from Germany:

Ok, prolly a mini brewery. 2.600 litres isn’t much, but still a nice surprise for ppl living in the vicinity.
These related articles show what a conundrum the SA gov’mt is in right now. 😦 Be careful, save lives, go broke? Or go full Trump, kill your plebs and make some rich sociopaths even richer?

And the WHO … but who listens to them party poopers anyway?

WHO is threatening business! 😮

Hey! Orca always listens to the WHO! Coz they great! \o/ YAY! \o/

What else? No new Linux. At least nothing I fancy. And no cool SL stuff neither.

Ok, so be excellent to each other, love your loved ones, wash your fatty fingaz and sanitize often!

Läterz kiddos




PS: Breakfast!



    • Risky. Otoh beaches are often windy and you get all the healthy salty air from the sea that drives out all the smog and virae. The infamous South-Easter here at the cape is also known as the ‘Cape Doctor’. I would risk it. It’s better than staying indoors or worst, visiting any hospital. 😦

      “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind!” ~ Bob Dylan


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