From Noob To Power User With Linux Mint Cinnamon

Hey, Minty Cinnamon is the flavour most of y’all are drooling over, right? That’s all sorts of cool. So watch Derek’s video and feel the love:

In this lengthy video, I go over some of the changes I would make in Linux Mint if I were using it as my daily driver. I don’t make drastic changes. I just tweak some of the tools that are already there.


No shit! I kid you not. Linux Mint/Cinnamon is the bestest allround Linux distro on the fukn planet, doesn’t matter Orca is using a weird ArchLinuxy operating system and Karmi is still a Ubuntu loyalist. We are weird, you don’t have to be. We do we, you do you!

Is this girlgeek you?

In this video Derek shows you some tipps and tricks you can use to work faster and more elegant and look much cooler and more adorable while doing so.

Adorbs Thar She Blows! reader on her Linux Mint computer.



    • Mine too. Will maybe install a Mint for myself and try to mod my system the way Derek shows us. We’re in lock down,so I should have time for stuff like that.
      Otoh, I’m not really a power user and can’t remember the easiest commands for the terminal, so it’s probably all in vain. 😦


      • Lol, His voice annoys my wife, no idea why. I read the terminal is powerful, but have no idea why. He is so techy it just goes over my head, but I still watch, hoping to gleam something useful.

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        • The good thing is that in Mint we don’t really need a terminal if we’re no power users. In Arch I use the terminal all the time, it’s elegant and fast.


  1. I just reinstalled Cinnamon, My Manjaro KDE came up blank one morning so on went Windows 10, Yesterday because of Outlook, I decided I needed Thunderbird and on came Linux, It is just more stable and speedy,

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    • “I just reinstalled Cinnamon,”
      Good call. 😉

      “My Manjaro KDE came up blank one morning”
      That’s so typical for Manjaro, shit tends to break after every 4th or 5th update. If you wanna go ArchLinux, try Endeavour, it’s my new favourite and as close to vanilla Arch as possible, yet easy to install and comes with a whole shitlload of desktops.

      “so on went Windows 10,”
      Whaaaaaa? No! Please noooo!!! Worst replacement for any Linux.I’d rather go with Ubuntu before I deal with Win10.

      “Yesterday because of Outlook,”

      “I decided I needed Thunderbird”
      Of course! Everybody needs Thunderbird. It is THE email client! Are there any others?

      “and on came Linux, It is just more stable and speedy,”
      Yes, it is. I wonder how you could ever leave Linux and replace it with Win10. We don’t do such things!!!

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      • Windows 10 runs smoother, more stable than most of the ‘nixes I had ever used. Only Mint Cinnamon beats it in the same way it beats MacOS

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        • I can’t comment on that, Pete, since I switched to Linux during Win7 times, and found it faster and easier immediately. And my last and only iMac was MacOS 9 powered and I really don’t remember how smoothly it ran.


          • Trust me, Win 10 is Microsoft’s 1st real OS, 7 was lazy, obese crap. Mine wasn’t compliant with any of my peripherals but 10 has great bedside manners.

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            • It’s probably so good because they borrowed a lot of stuff from diverse Linux desktops. Stuff we had and used and loved for years and which MS announced as brand new tech when they released Win10.

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  2. I just upgraded to ver 20 yesterday, a super smooth and seamless operation. I tried some 11 distros since April and have been back with Linux Mint Cinnamon for some time. Windows 10 Pro worked smooth and trouble free, but I don’t trust Willem Hekkies and dislike the forced updates. We hardly have 5bps internet here sometimes.

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    • Whoa, that’s quite some jumps, from KDE – Windows – Cinnamon. 😮 I’m a creature of habit and would be, like so totally confused. 😮

      Yes, the Windows updates are a regular pita. Have you seen my latest update? Barely 20 secs to update 90 MB of data … and if it takes longer Linux lets you go on with your work instead of killing all other processes like Win10 does.


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