Who’s Right?

Found two kinda interesting articles (that aren’t really interesting when you’re not a hardcore Linux enthusiast or a numberfreak) about Linux’ marketshare. Ugh, yes. Hey, nobody’s forcing you to read this shit, no?

Ok, with that outta the way let’s have a peek at two very opinionated – and a bit vitriolic – opinion pieces by Karmi, followed up by just a report from Linux Magazine about the same topic but with very different results. 😮

Let’s start with the two articles by Karmi:

May 11, 2020

Linux Desktop OS Market Share is Dropping – ‘Well, except for Ubuntu’

I haven’t been paying much ‘real’ attention to the Linux Desktop OS Global market share for some time now…hey, I’ve followed it for decades & it seems around 2% +- whenever I check; however, recently I noticed some articles being written about Linux market share rising whilst Windows market share is dropping, and decided to check into it.

NetMarketShare’s charts have a “24” interval limit on the monthly charts (didn’t see a yearly one?!) so I could only go back to June of 2018.

Linux was at a 2.78% market share around December of 2018, but has been steadily dropping ever since…until just recently. Around March of 2020 the Linux Desktop/Laptop market share was at 1.36% and Ubuntu was just .27% of that. Ubuntu has jumped to 1.89% of the total Desktop OS market share, and that leaves the other Linux Distros with a market share of .98% (that includes the Ubuntu Flavors, BTW).

Take out Ubuntu, Ubuntu Flavors, Ubuntu-based and Mint & it looks like the rest of the Linux Distros don’t have much of a Desktop/Laptop OS market share at all. Looks like all those articles and blog posts were just a hullabaloo over nothing…

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.

And just yesterday, May 24 he wrote this:

Linux Desktop OS Market Share still Dropping? ‘DistroWatch suggests … Maybe’

Now I have one pretty sober news report by Jack Wallen in Linux Magazine:

Linux Usage Is on the Rise

May 11, 2020

Jack Wallen

According to NetMarketShare, Linux saw a significant bump in usage during April.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had some severe effects on the economy and consumer spending habits. Businesses have shuddered, unsure if they’d survive the months-long closure. And although it’s hard to find a silver lining in all the market data, one positive outcome is that the Linux operating system has witnessed a large surge in usage.

Before you get too excited, it’s not as though Linux all of a sudden surged past either Windows or macOS. In fact, Linux desktop usage is still in the single digits. However, in comparison, Linux actually bested both Windows and macOS for growth in April.

The numbers paint an interesting picture, one that points directly to Ubuntu. During the month of April, Ubuntu gained 1.61% (from 0.27% to 1.88%) of the market-share, while Linux as a whole gained 1.51% (from 1.36% to 2.87%). This happens to coincide with the release of Ubuntu 20.04, which has been met with rave reviews across the board.

And while Linux rose nearly 2%, Microsoft Windows dropped 2%, from 89-87%. At the same time, macOS rose 1%.

Although this does not mean Linux has taken over the market and will soon see it’s dream of World Domination finally come to fruition, any increase in market share for the open source desktop is a win.

Information gleaned from: https://netmarketshare.com/operating-system-market-share.aspx

So according to Karmi Linux is the big loser. In a market that can’t be measured, since Linux is not  a product but a unregulated and uncontrolled hobby for computer freaks. So no money changes hands and nobody has any income statements n stuff. But let’s assume that Linux usage is indeed becoming less and less.

I have no idea where the quoted NetMarketShare get their data from, and I’m not really interest in marketshare and cold numbers anyway. But let’s assume they are correct.

Stupid Orca, how can you say that two websites, claiming totally controverse facts, are both correct? You got no media competence anymore?

My fraggelz, lemme explainify please. Of course the usage of desktop Linux is trending downwards – because the usage of desktop operating systems is going down all over the board. With nowadays’ superduper powerful smartyphones fulfilling the computing needs of most mainstream consumer idiots, nobody but gamer kidz, hackers and developers are spending money on big unwieldy computing boxes anymore.

But in that diminishing market more people are flocking to Linux and leaving Windows and Mac. Because the remaining few desktop users have a slightly better understanding of computing and feel a natural distrust towards Microsoft and Apple and other huge software houses.

And the downward trending indicators in DistroWatch’s chart are easily explained as well, as it is a sign of consolidation inside the Linux landscape. Cream rises to the top, the number of highly fashionable must-have distros is shrinking while the other 600+ distros get less clicks, logically. It also depends on the seasons, doesn’t it? With static distros, like Ubuntu, we see an upwards trend every April and October, while rolling releases like Arch are on  a more or less stable position.

In so far I tend to believe Linux Magazine’s pretty neutrally presented numbers more than zealot Karmi’s rebel-rousing opinion. And as long as he can’t explain what he means with “wheel mouse” and why his doesn’t work properly in Linux, I’m sorry I really don’t understand what he means, what he wants to achieve.

Oh, and every stupid putz should know by now why Mark Shuttleworth’s Canonical company asks Microsoft (of all corporations) to help them with security issues. In case you didn’t notice yet, Canonical’s business obviously doesn’t do too well, and seeing how RedHat and SUSE had been snapped up for multibillion woolongs by IBM and EQT Partners, Mark obviously hopes that Microsoft will have an eye on his little company. It seems to be the fashion among the high and mighty giants to own a little lap dog Linux. That’s why he’s kissing MS’s ass.

I don’t like Ubuntu very much, but I will admit that I believe it’s thousand times more secure than Windows. Becoz it’s Linux ffs! And Karmi should know that too, after dabbling with Linux since 1996.

And here is the – anecdotal – proof: Hubby and me are running Linux exclusive on all our computational machines, from 2012 and 2013 respectively. None of us has ever used a firewall or any anti-virus products. And we had null, no, zero, zilch, nada virus infections or malware problems of any kind. Coz Linux is save as a safe!

I hope this post was enough to bring Karmi out of his hidey hole and get into an open discussion.



  1. Reblogged this on The Swamp Hermit's Report and commented:
    ‘Enfant Terrible’ (literally means “terrifying child” in French, which is the correct definition) Orca is whining again about someone being mean to her ‘Toys’ – this comes from a brat who visibly oozes hatred from her pores (e.g. almost daily “vitriolic” spews against Windows, or Ubuntu, or America, or Israel, or hubby, or dad, or etc) … she loves to dish-it-out but like a spoiled child she can’t take it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This just before I give you a real response:
      Wendell of Level1Techs just built a workstation for Greg Kroah-Hartman. Guess what powers it? Yes, the Arch Toy OS. =^.^=

      I’m surprised as you, Karmi. Didn’t expect Arch in such a professional capacity.


    • “Orca is whining again”
      Never ever did I whine about anything. It’s not my style. I discuss, I argue, I correct ppl who are wrong about technical stuff, I ask questions. That’s, by definition, no whining.

      “about someone being mean to her ‘Toys’ ”
      As said before, I correct them if they are wrong. That’s what normal people do in any normal techy discussion.

      “– this comes from a brat”
      Mhm, and a bitch, too. And proud of carrying both attributes.

      “who visibly”
      ‘visibly’? ORLY?

      “oozes hatred from her pores”
      Not liking something doesn’t equal or translates into ‘hatred’. It’s more a pity I feel for following things.

      “(e.g. almost daily”
      Whenever the situation calls for it. I didn’t make the schedule.

      ““vitriolic” spews against Windows, or Ubuntu, or America, or Israel, or hubby, or dad, or etc)”
      All of which deserved a serious arse-kicking session.

      ” … she loves to dish-it-out”
      I don’t dish out, I react, I counterattack, I right the wrongs.

      “but like a spoiled child she can’t take it.”
      Oh, I beg to differ. I’ve been thru too much abuse in my life, so I know how to take it. Now I’ve finally found my voice, and, in the safe space of the internet, I use it. And hopefully use it wisely and with confidence and just a hint of authority. Means I know what I’m talking about, as neutral and impartial as possible. Maybe you’re just not used to be talked to on eye-to-eye level. Maybe it’s you who can’t take opposition?
      Not my fukn problem, is it?


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