Prison: Day 60


Good to hear. Let’s forget about all that Coronanonsense for a moment and just enjoy the loot I brought home from my last reddit safari:

This is actual good advice. Milk is all sorts of cool and goes perfect with brownies … but won’t help against Covid-19. :/
We have more adorable women chars in SW than adorable men already. Fortunately SW is dead and gone now.
This big headed boar is so adorbs, I just had to have it!
Says who?

Okay, break over. Back to the more bizarrely serious bizniz of saving humanity:

It’s getting worse and worse …


Here’s a look at you can expect come June 1:
* Restaurants may open for delivery, takeaway and drive-through only.
* The retail and wholesale sector opens up in full for goods not prohibited under level 3.
* The curfew will be lifted, allowing people to leave their homes at any time to procure essential services and goods.
* You will be able to exercise at any time of day, provided that you do not do so in groups.
* Domestic air travel is permitted, as long as it is for the purpose of business.
* Meetings at work are allowed, as long as physical distancing protocols are observed.
* The restrictions on types of clothing available for purchase will be lifted.
* You will be able to shop for all types of household appliances.
* The sale of alcohol will be allowed, but only for consumption at home.
* The sale of cigarettes, tobacco and vaping products and e-cigarettes is prohibited.
* You are not permitted to be out in public without a mask.
* Interprovincial travel is not allowed.
* Hair and nail salons are not allowed to open.
* Gyms and fitness centres are not allowed to operate.
* All social gatherings remain prohibited, except for funerals which are capped at 50 people.
While religious gatherings remain prohibited, Ramaphosa said that he is continuing consultations with the interfaith religious community on their proposals for the partial opening of spiritual worship and counselling services.

* For the latest on the Covid-19 outbreak, visit IOL’s special #Coronavirus page.

** If you think you have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus, please call the 24-hour hotline on 0800 029 999 or visit

I guess that’s somehow the same as global rules, maybe a tad stronger than in many western capitalist countries. But as SAfricans are a unruly bunch, and often super badly informed and educated and we don’t have a huge police force – and because this is Africa afterall – the gov’mt had to make hard rules so that at least 20% of them will be followed by 5% of the people.

Hmm, fortunately I’m not a smoker anymore and neither hubby nor me have been to a hair salon in at least10 years. But that my gym isn’t allowed to open … shiiiit man. 😮

Some politicians are irresponsible tho. This one acts like a true Trumpist. 😦
Okay, everybody do whatever the fuk you want!
More infections, more deaths. 😮

And on lighter, more sarcastic news on Pythonesque level:

Religion. 🙂

Brace yourself!

Winter is coming!

Fortunately is South Africa big enough to have different climate zones. Here at the cape we see snow only high up on the mountains and never at the coast. But we’re expecting a very wet rainy season … and that is good. By buddha, our gardens need all the water they can get. Last night we already enjoyed a sneak preview of coming attractions and we will save big time on the water bill.

Bambusa Balcooa, happy as a clam after last night’s rain.

I guess that’s all the corona news I got for today. No, there’s more, much more but not good news. So we leave it as that for today, because you don’t wanna see something unnecessarily dramatic like this:

Pheeew … IKR?

Be good to each other and stay healthy





  1. It’s interesting to see what each country, even each province/state, feels is safe vs risky. Here in Cali, retail stores reopened – but only for pickup/delivery, and not if they’re at indoor malls. Restaurants were always allowed to do takeaway and delivery… even of alcohol, which is normally illegal. School reopenings are under debate… most are aiming for Aug but haven’t figured out how to apply social distancing. Beaches were reopened, with restrictions ranging from ‘social distancing required’ to ‘no stopping at ant time’… and their parking lots remain closed, which dramatically reduces crowds cause most beachfront or adjacent property is full of and hotels.
    We also didn’t have any curfews.
    Despite barely any changes to restrictions, there’s been a lot more traffic as non-essential businesses are reopening their offices (I haven’t seen the current restrictions on that).

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    • Regarding alcohol: Imagine tightly packed townships with lots of semi-criminal, violence prone men and scared women. Explosive atmosphere that. Then just add alcohol! 😮

      No idea why cigarettes are forbidden. I’m just happy to have stopped that shit some years ago.

      School openings are stil debated here. Unions are a backbone of society, like in every decent country, and can’t be ignored by the gov’mt. When teachers refuse to work then is no school!

      Beaches remain closed, which is good I guess. Nobody cares anyway and they don’t have enough manpower for something silly like beach patrol. I was at a beach just last week. Nobody saw me, nobody cared.

      We were under curfew since, come on, whom do you see out in the streets after dark? Yes, drunks, party people and gangsters. Staying out after dark is not essential. Discussion, end of!

      Yes, lots more traffic, but that already since a couple weeks.

      “property is full of and hotels.”
      /me cracks up. :)))


      • As a natural night owl, I looooved feeling safe on my porch in the middle of the night!! No curfews needed cause bars are closed and even criminals were afraid of catching the virus! I’m gonna miss the feeling of safety.

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  2. I have some ideas about the cigarettes….
    In fact, I have heard by some friends that they stopped smoking in public, because they’d touch the filters and could not be sure what they’d touch after or before.
    Another reason might be that many poor smokers are collecting the rest of used cigarettes from the streets.. There are also people who do share a cigarette (so im Sinne von “Gib mir mal ‘nen Zug”).

    Nevertheless, this restriction is a bit weird and I’ve heard about it for the first time.


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    • Ich kann mir keinen Reim draus machen, auch aus der Alkoholfreigabe nicht. Erst hieß es”gebt den Männern keinen Alkohol, schützt die Frauen und Kinder”, jetzt sind die Frauen zum Abschuss freigegeben, oder was?
      Da kann man mal wieder sehen, was gezielte Lobbyarbeit alles bewirken kann, 😐


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