Prison: Days 58, 59

Mornin’ bored peepelz of the world.

Over two months in semi-volunteered self-quarantine now. And despite some confuzerizered mind still going strong and healthy and kinda clean n shit. Juts didn’t get much- or anything really – done. 😮

Sorry for not scribbling anything in my corona diary yesterday but I have a wonderful explainification/excuse for my failure to deliver: I was lazy.


So now let’s see how our fave virus is doing today:

Didn’t I say it all these days, all the time? Kidz, the wurst is still to come! Don’t let your bosses ask you to come into the office or workshop now, and deffo do not send your kidz to school! Your great leaders hate you and want to see you dead.
Ugh ya, we know, we know. Not Western Cape’s fault it is the beautifullest of the SAfrican provinces and everybody moves here to make some dough. So hubby and me, we stay put, safely inside the house until all this virus hullabaloo has blown over.
Old wisdom: Always trust your gut feeling! And if you don’t go to work,  better don’t send your kiddo out to die neither.

What else?

No idea. Probably bizniz as usual:

\o/ YAY! \o/

Athough we gave our TV away roundabout 350 million years ago, we’re still always watching the greatest series and movies … even without ad breaks. 🙂 Modern filesharing technology makes it possible. 😉

Yeah, that’s it I guess. Our great plan for the rest of the day. Hmmm, maybe I’ll take a shower later, and cut my hair and clip my nails … on the other hand, why would I do that? I can do it as well tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or the day after that or …


You kidz stay healthy, ya?



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