Amazing Awesome PCLinuxOS

Here is Robin again, giving us some more insight into how he uses his new PCLOS system with the KDE Plasma desktop.

¡If you an epilepsy sufferer please don’t stare too hard at the glitchy campfire gif!


Confessions of a Technophobe

Welllll, since I’m leaving the ol’ favorite Ubuntu-based world (Mint, Xubuntu, Linux Lite – all old favorites) to escape the imposition of snaps-by-default, systemd, and a host of other issues Ubuntu is famous for, I decided to give a whole new desktop a try.  As much as I love the Xfce desktop and may go back to it, I’m intrigued by KDE Plasma.

And I just gotta say, Plasma in PCLinuxOS freakin’ amazing, visually stunning, full-featured beyond my wildest imagination, and all very confusing at the same time.  I’ve been at it almost all day today, and I hope I’ll find some kind of “KDE Plasma for Dummies” guide for newbies who have no idea what all these things do.  But this is surprisingly responsive on this modest Dell Optiplex computer with a modest 8gigs of RAM (PCLinuxOS recommends 4 gigs or more for it’s KDE edition).

PCLOSviewThis is a…

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