Some people have no lives

American nazis in Blake Sea!
Wurt the furk????


But that doesn’t mean they should get a Second Life. Linden Labs might want to take ongoing griefing in Blake Sea seriously. This has been going on for days now, as reported by other sailors.

A whole field of swastika’s covering part of western Blake Sea. ‘World Wide White Pride’ the text of these idiots reads.

And the same rubbish, as seen from the docks at Blake Sea – Half Hitch

While I heard that Linden Lab has been banning associated burner accounts (and hacked ones too, I suppose), I am still amazed…
This also points me to the fact that they still allow people like a neighbour of ours to continue grief events and locations for over 3 years now. This makes it a pain to organise events for people in the community.

Update 8.30AM PDT – A friend mentioned ‘a couple of Lindens coming in with a giant…

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    • It is, isn’t it?

      Well, Second Life is more than just silly tinies, furries, closet gays and lesbians,all sorts of sexual deviants and perverts and wonderful silly stuff, there are also lotsa unhygienic conservatives, patriots, fascists, trolls, griefers and other riff raff doing their disruptive things in that particular virtual world. 😦


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