*Knock *Knock

“Who’s there?”

“Hello DistroWatch, it’s me, your bestest ArchLinux distro, EndeavourOS, about to break into the Top 20 ranks!”

“Oh cool! Come on in!”

Last time I looked, Endeavour was still on #23.

No shit, my peepelz, as happy as I’ve initially been with Manjaro, Namib and Archman Arch derivatives, there was always a niggle, some aspect that didn’t totally gel. Manjaro’s tardiness and bad treatment of the Mate DE, Namib’s one-man-circus unreliability and Archman’s strangeness and initial VM setup always bugged me. Endeavour is minimalistic and pure enough to convey the real Archy feeling, it’s the first distro that is really, like, 150% compatible with ArchLinux.

endeavourosIs it perfect for everybody?

Naaw, not nearly comfy enough, not chaperoning enough for unruly users, not nanny enough for most stupid users. But for the ones who kinda know what they’re doing – even Orca to some humble extent – and are just too lazy to install vanilla Arch without any help, Endeavour is the beez kneez!

And since more and more people are slowly seeing that and are curious about this nifty distro, Endeavour is on a straight upwards movement through the DW Top Distros Ranking!

Looking forward to see Endeavour on #20 … and then straight up until it passes Manjaro and pushes stupid MX off the throne! 🙂

This shit is so good, it deserves the crown!




    • Mhm. Kidz these days. 😐
      As I understand it Kali is geared to be a hacker’s toy, right? No wonder it’s an instant hit with all those little shitheads. Just lovely. 😉


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