Get These!

Or something similar. 😉 Look:


I don’t wanna brag, even if it looks like I’m bragging. No, but I’m really so over the top happy with my two tiny Lenovo ThinkCentre PCs, you won’t believe.

Are they the fastest? No.

Can you game on them? Not really.

Are they quiet? Yes! Totally.

Are they rugged? Yeppers! Industrial strength ruggedness!

Can you put Linux on them? A match made in computing heaven!

Are they expensive? Not when you buy them second hand, they aren’t!

In fact did the pair of them cost me around ~400 €woolongs, which isn’t much for factory refurbished machines with 1 year warranty and a fresh MS Windows already installed (which we kick off the machine right away, because reasons).

For realsies, you won’t get anything better for the prize if you tried.

The right one, Gaga, is my Linux distro tester. GagaMore, to the left, is newer, better and stronger and serves right now as my main production machine. In fact I’m scribbling this blog post on it right now. It works formidably. Also as piracy device and home entertainment system. As Gaga does too, just a tiny little bit slower. Both aren’t slobs anyway, and I didn’t hesitate using any of them as daily rider.

My old, and now defunct, SL gamer and main machine, the self-built MiniMax, couldn’t have done it better.

This is the shit! I can only highly recommend Lenovo’s professional ThinkCentre workstations. Particularly the tinies. Coz more cute. 😉 And no compromises. Despite their tiny sizes they are delivering grown-up performance and speed. No mistake, this is highly professional shit of the highest calibre!

Wanna start your carreer in Linux now, as you’re sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs? These machines are the perfect test beds for your experimentations! 🙂



    • Mhm, I know them well. Many small companies all over mainland Europe and the UK, assembling and selling dedicated Linux computers now. You always pay too much with those. I prefer an ex-Windows machine, fantastically built and professional enough to accept a Linux installation, like my Lenovos.

      Oh btw, Pedru, once you got your Slimbook, how about you write a little article about the experience? Add some photos of the machine itself and the packaging, and some screenshots of how Linux was presented to you. And if Slimbook is a good company to deal with? Are they using Clevo barebones or are they producing the shells themselves? Just send all the material to me and I publish it. Or apply for a guest writers acc, so you can do it all by yourself.
      Let’s talk.


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