Prison: Day 56

Mørning Sicklies 😉

12:56 and I’m already back from my weekly or biweekly shopping trip. Got lotsa lekker food … readymade food is pretty affordable and tasty from Foodlovers Market, and also multigrain bread, baked cheesecake, how we Germans love it, and normal Anglophile cheesecake which is more like a dessert than a cake, and soda n shit. And white chocolade! No liquorice this time. We both had too much of that shit lately. :/


And then I drove Oubaas out in the hilly savannah to the north of Cape Town. It’s good to charge the battery from time to time and keep the engine busy and well-oiled. Made video but it’s too shaky and unwatchable. 😦 Stupid me. I should use a tripod.

Still nothing new in the Linuxverse, will maybe check into SL a bit later today. No other plans apart from retrieving the emptied rubbish bin back from the parking lot and … wait a moment, aren’t such things usually one of the few, very rare, occasions when husbandos can prove themselves useful?

Poor me has to do everyfuknthing herself. 😦

I hope y’all are well and happy and keep up and don’t break the curfew more often than absolutely necessary. I guess we’re in it for the long run, the pandemic hasn’t even reached its peak and is in the process of becoming worse, so let’s not overdo it with personal freedom n stuff already now. Give yourself some more weeks before allowing yourself to freak! 🙂

Every single one of you has a computer. Ask me how I know. 😉 Use said computer and put Linux on it! It’s a nifty little project that should keep you happily occupied for a while. And it’s probably the most useful thing you can do right now. And it helps your personal growth and you not only become more cleverer but also a more sexy and generally more awesomerer human being!

Advantage You!

And don’t forget to wash your grubby little fingaz!





    • Yeah, lucky you. 6 Linux powered PCs you say?
      Basic bitches like Orca would be so all over you, stalking you, creeping you out 24/7, throwing themselves naked in front of you, begging you for permission to bear your children …

      After MiniMax’s tragic death I’m down to 3 Linux machines and seem to have lost my mojo. 😮


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