Prison: Day 55

Hey again, Infectors!

Some news from the African COVID-19 front:

Yes, we are a WHO diagnosed shithole country. 😦

The short-term models show that the country could see 500 deaths by May/June. The country’s peak was expected in July/ August.

In the long term, over 1 million people will likely be infected by November and 40 000 deaths could be seen by then. The experts stressed that these were projections and would be updated as the country’s rate of infection moved along.

You read that? The worst is yet to come. Fortunately hubby and me are locking ourselves away and sit it all out in the relative comfort of our house. As long as we can get out and buy foodstuff everything will be alright.

How? Why? Whaaaaa…?

That sounds like the typical African sloppyness of badly educated nurses and careless patients. 😦

Yebo, right now is the time for discussing racial discrimination in a country with a black gov’mt. Are these people arsefuked or wot?

“Government continuing on its current course places it and civil society on a path of confrontation – a confrontation the government is set to lose. It is imperative for President Ramaphosa to end his government’s abuse of power and of the Constitution. If President Ramaphosa does not do this, the people of South Africa will do it for him.”

… and then they get sick and die. End of story. 😦

Nothing new on the Linux front, apart from y’all should give it a try. What’s keeping you, what’s holding you back?

Stay healthy my duhlings. 😉





  1. All the crazy rule relaxations based on economics. Viruses don’t care about economics!

    I wouldn’t put too much blame on heathcare workers… C19 spread has proven to be intense in enclosed environments. Many cluster outbreaks are occurring in senior centers and low income areas, where people live packed together and with little access to open spaces, clean water, and cleansing products.

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    • Zacly! Zacly what I mean, and what we see here in SA very drastically. In the townships and settlements, where the poorest of the poor are dwelling packed like sardines in a can, the virus spreads like Nutella on white bread. 😦
      But in hospitals, which are historically known for bad viruses, I’d expect a bit more care and holding up ultra-hygienic standards.


      • I can’t say I’ve heard of spread within hospitals but that’s possibly because only patients and caregivers are allowed in them now… no visitors, elective surgeries cancelled, and a lot of hospitals divided nonC19 care to other buildings.

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