Second Life Destinations – The Retreat

Come on, admit it. Especially the SL oldbies among us, most of us maybe didn’t go into SL with that specific intention, but found something profoundly healing in this weird virtual world, in one way or another. Without wanting to bore you with details about my private life, and without ever needing something like The Retreat, I’m really grateful for SL taking my mind away, off the inner turmoil and depression I was going through when I started my path of glory loudmouthy failure in Second Life. 😉

Explore The Retreat, a beautiful hang-out space on the Mainland created by Anjelikka who writes regularly about her Second Life adventures at the No Time for Real Life blog (
“Second Life was my therapy that I could go to anytime I wanted to – especially in those wee hours at night,” says Anjelikka, who created her own happy place in SL as a way to help with her post-traumatic stress disorder.
“Second Life is like a social life after work and it’s safe. I like that part. In real life, social gatherings are hard for me because I can not just leave if I feel uncomfortable. In SL this is understood and accepted People have lots of different situations – depression, anxiety – here it is OK. You are not going to be judged because everybody who comes here has some kind of story.”
At The Retreat, visitors can wander through a lush garden, explore an art gallery, or even enjoy music at the Basement Club.
“When everybody’s staying home, it is here where we can find friends, beauty, art, and creation,” says Anjelikka. “We are here to heal together.”
Video Production: Draxtor Despres



  1. I came to SL 11 years ago after a painful breakup. I was hoping to take my mind off the real world and maybe find someone to talk to who wouldn’t judge me. I found so much more than that. I found friends, activities, homes, relationships and lovers. Anything I could imagine was possible. I have had the best of times and the worst of times. Life is like that. SL also gave me the confidence in RL to do things I never would have considered before. I still haven’t found my special someone in RL but that doesn’t mean I am lonely. SL is a special place if you put yourself out there and discover what it has to offer. I still keep coming back 🙂

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    • “I came to SL 11 years ago”
      n00b! 🙂

      “that doesn’t mean I am lonely”
      Bingo! That’s exactly the perfect description of SL. We can be as pretty and perfect as we make ourselves so we’ll always find enough sexual partners of all 273 genders … and even frens if we wanna. And it’s the perfect cyberpunkish SciFi dystopian lifestyle that was already prophesized by many scifi writers. We are the characters of scifi novels. All slightly damaged, socially awkward, but kinda functional when we have a mouse and a keyboard.

      We are the building blocks of the future! We are amazing, aren’t we?


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