Prison: Day 52


What a lame and tired day this is. Fittingly it’s a Sunday, so no bad conscience for being lazy and lame and tardy. Well, I wasn’t totally useless til now, I pooped! \o/ YAY! \o/

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020): Ho-hum CGI. :/

And later we’re gonna continue watching GitS SAC_2045. Wasn’t too impressed with it up to now. The intelligent storytelling seems to be gone in favour of more action. Also the CGI isn’t as good as that of Appleseed Alpha, a show from 2014, technically better and with a lovely assortment of quirky characters. The new Motoko stays rather bland in comparison. 😐

Appleseed Alpha (2014): Glorious CGI!

And then, after all that excitement … sofa, sleepysnory.

That’s all I got for today, please leave my social distance nownow!

Stay healthy and all that jazz




  1. Such a cute poop 🙂 Or is that chocolate soft serve. I won’t taste to find out. Cyberpunk Orca would fit in well with those robot types 🙂

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    • Looks a bit like a plushie cushion, doesn’t it? Makes sense. Didn’t you always wanna rest your pretty head on a pile of kak?


    • Oh my, a bit of education about future humans is in order I guess:

      A robot is a machine, with more or less clever programming and more or mostly less autark range of decision making and movement. Robots are the machines building our cars. Hardly intelligent enough to sense when a part appears in front of them and then to weld it onto the rest of the car’s body.
      We have and use robots now.

      Androids are autarkic, self-sufficient more or less humanoid systems. They can be kinda intelligent and maybe even self-aware, as long as it’s useful. They are still machines, and 100% man-made. And have OFF switches. Commander Data from StarTrek and C3-PO and R2-D2 of Star Wars would be early, not very well-thought out examples of androids.
      Humanity’s working on that step, but it’s the very beginings now.

      Cyborgs are more or less modified humans. The body can be lightly modified (like most of the Section 9 personnel) or up to 100% artificial (like Briareos Hecatonchires (“I know, I’m awesome. ;)”) from Appleseed and Motoko Kusanagi from GitS). As long as there is a human brain or parts of a human brain in them (the ghost in the shell), Cyborgs are considered to be humans. I guess Motoko and Briareos are both in possession of human rights, ID papers and passports and receive paychecks from their employers.
      This is far in the future.

      I guess all the cyberpunk creatures we get to see in Appleseed Alpha also fall into the category of Cyborgs. “What are you?” instead of “Who are you?” Appleseed never made the question where a human ends and a machine begins a topic. They are all just rollling with the punches. while the whole GitS franchise is anchored on that existential philosphical question. How much ghost is in that sexy half-tonne shell?


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