Do I Need A Firewall in Linux?


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Discussing when a firewall is needed in Linux and I show how to check what services you have open on your system. I also give a quick explanation about computer networking protocols ICMP, TCP, and UDP.
Checking services:
$ ss -nltup
Scanning System:
$ sudo nmap -sS ip
$ sudo nmap -sU -p “udp ports” ip
Tutorial Videos:

Oh man, Quiddy! All that technical gobbledigook. 😐 Why didn’t you just say it like it is?

“No, my frens, in Linux you don’t need a fukn firewall! Not when you a normal mom n dad user. All the security you need is built into your router. That’s why Linux users are much happierer human beings than all the truly needy paranoid Microsoft sheeples. Don’t spend money on that shit!”


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