Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Kitchen Disco #8

It’s Saturday morning (5 a.m. at my location), time to wake up, get up, and paaaadayy!!! Breakfast later, first we dance! Let the tuff bold warrior Sophie invite you to stay at home, dance your sox off and survive the pandemic!

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A ring on my head and a song in my heart. This is Kitchen Disco number 8 xx
Explainification for Americans: When British people write xx it means xoxo. They are just too lazy and can’t be bothered to follow intl netiquette.
I can’t, I’m physically incapable to take my eyes off of Sophie’s legs. And see that? Only the slightest hunch of an old lady’s belly. Unbelievable. Particularly when you consider girl’s a mom of an estimated 83 gazillion kidz. 😮
So dance with her and stay not only healthy but fit and strong! You also still practicing your yoga asanas, right?
Hoo! Wee!

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