Prison: Day 51

6:12 a.m. and it’s dark outside. Astonishing how the sun rises later each morning. Visibly and feelable (is that even a word, feelable?) later. Anyhoo, on with the diary and …

… a wonderful gud moarnink, Isolators!

Still no idea what to scribble in my corona diary today. So why not start with a glance over IOL and see what’s what. But that’s often just too depressive and not uplifting. See?

Sad, and concerning. 😦

I wonder how the Western Cape got so many new infections. Aren’t the borders closed, no planes in or out and everybody quarantined at home?

All 7 title stories are about the fukn virus. 😦
  1. A sad statistic. We’re tired of hearing those numbers, but it’s necessary to keep us alert and on our toes.
  2. I find it particularly hard to believe that some business gangstas are talking about relaxing the lockdown measures. Yes, we know, North-West only has a handful cases … but the virus won’t stop at the border of your province, idiot!
  3. Same as in 1.
  4. And saving our fubared Airline SAA? They can save themselves by offering better service. more flight routes and much much lower prices. Can we talk about that after we’re out of the current situation, pleez? And wear your mask when opening your mouth in public, dummy!!!
  5. Family tensions where already there and only came to light in the new circumstances. Maybe some family violence has a cathartic effect on people. And when dad finally freaks and kills mum n the kidz we can book them as coronavirus victims. I know it sounds hard, but Covid-19 only brings to light what’s wrong with society and simmering under the thin blankrt of civilization in the first place.
  6. Make your minds up, guys! Either declare tobacco products legal tender as essential goods … or clamp down hard on all smokers and the black market! Do or don’t, there is no try, no room for second guessing.

Why don’t they look up to Orca and hubby and use this crisis to get rid of their cigarette habit? We didn’t even need external motivation, we just decided one day – out of the blue – to stop! Was it hard? Yes, very. At least for me since I was at 2 packs a day and so into it, I sometimes had two ciggies glowing at the same time. I was just smoking with muscle memory. 😮 It had to stop. But now we’re through with it. And saving money, have better appetite and are more healthy overall. Know how I got rid of the cravings? By just telling myself “There are no cigarettes in the house, stop moping and whining and running around aimlessly. It won’t help. Better concentrate on playing SL and/or blogging and/or cooking food and/or caring about your rusty old cars. And don’t worry about something that is out of your life, and gone forever.”

Kinda happy to have left that shit behind me. 😉

And soon the cravings disappeared and didn’t occupy my brain every second and every minute of every day. And now, right now, and the past 7 weeks, all you shmokers had the best chance to get rid of your habit. And  the “can’t have any cigarettes” wouldn’t even be a psycho trick but hard reality! You really just can’t go down to the 7-11 at the corner and  get a box. They won’t sell you shit!


I hope you’re all as fashionable as possible … just thinking mini skirts aren’t more virus prone than OP scrubs, or are they? Not my problem, left my miniskirt days behind me kinda 10 years ago. Still no reason to look like hobos in these times. Except hubby and me, of course, since we always look like the ruff hippies we are.

No worries, these people are much older than we are

What else? All-clear on the Linux front. My daily check of DistroWatch didn’t show any exciting new distros for you to install and test, and on my home-system everything is routinely boring and just werkz and werkz. Just how I love it.

New kernel 5.6.12 – as of yesterday – integrated without any hickup and no available updates  at the time of snapping the screenshot. Linux is so boring. 😐

So guys and guysines, you have your orders of the day: Stay healthy, dance, do some downward facing dog, don’t leave the house, dress your shabby best and love your loved ones in these hard times.


cya laterz




  1. 6:15 and dark outside. Lol, up here in the northern hemisphere Canada light is starting at 05:30. Catch you on the flip side. Glad summer is on its way. With the warmer climes however confinement is taking a back seat here now . People are going out . Officially still in confinement but slowly we are reopening.

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    • Pff, you’re in Canada, I guess you go out without coming into a 1000 km distance of the next human being. So I woudn’t worry too much about social distancing. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thk you gsas01, with some mind games and self tricking it was remarkably easy. I’m sooo gullible, even falling for my own tricks. 😐

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