Pending the cloud migration, LL report limited availability of new regions

Second Life is booming!
No shit. As Inara reports, the Lab has run out of available land! 😮 Weird, I never see any people around on the grid. All the land is empty and unused and … oh, don’t get me started about bad planning and money-wasting. 😐

Read for yourself …


Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

via and © Linden Lab

On Thursday, May 14th, Linden Lab reported something that may be a little unexpected: they’ve “run out” of land – or more correctly, they are at the maximum capacity of simulator servers they can host within their current co-location facility in Arizona. This means that for the short-term future, there is only limited availability of “new” regions directly from the Lab.

The primary reason for this is, according to LL, an unexpected increase in demand for “new” regions – possibly as a result of the result of former users and increased interest with / involvement in Second Life as a result of the current pandemic situation.

While the Lab could overcome the issue through the purchase of new hardware and previsioning it through a suitable data centre, this would still require a significant amount of expenditure and work. Given that we’re potentially mid-way through the…

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