Is That Still a Lockdown?

Weird. Me leaving the house, feeling like an anarchist rebel, terribly bad conscience since I infect a hundred gazillion innocent people with whatever my sickness is … and then …

Life is almost back to normal outside. Traffic galore, everybody happy. 😮


In the shopping mall the pharmacy is open, and they sell me very essential lamb fur slippers. But the computer store is also open, so I purchase a superduper essential mouse mat. 😮
Taxis are still suffering the lockdown, since their clientéle sits at home, unemployed. :/
I check my car mechanic, and they are open and a bit busy. Mainly with moving engines back and forth, since  they are only permitted to do emergency repairs. Their core business is restoration tho, and that isn’t allowed yet. :/
Our next vehicle: This Mercedes 280E is licensed and ready to go as soon as my mecha gets around to fixing it up, and the owner makes a nice cheap sale price. Reason: When Oubaas goes into the panel beater shop he will stay there for quite a while … and we’ll need some old banger to get around in the meantime.

Anyhoo, when you go outside you’ll hardly notice a difference to normal life anymore. Everybody’s hustlin’ and bustlin’ like every day. How’s the situation at your hometowns, guys?



    • Just when I read your comment I realized I was one of those doofuses out there today, responsible for the 2nd wave. And worse, I need to go out tomorrow again. 😦


  1. I don’t want to get infected or infect others (Point!), so I’ll go on with my “personal” lockdown as far as possible. I’m glad that I can do home office, also happy that I’m not living in the mid of town, so these “Anti-Corona-Demos” are not around me.

    P.S.: How huge are the taxis in SA? Unbelievable…. 😉


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    • “”Anti-Corona-Demos” are not around me.”
      They do this shitty American “freedom” shit in good old ‘schland, too? Let me guess, AfD and similar fascist Dösbaddels, right?

      “P.S.: How huge are the taxis in SA? Unbelievable…. 😉”
      You see this pretty much all over Africa. See, these aren’t really individual taxi rides – nobody could afford that – but they collect passengers at certain points on their fixed routes. Also picking them up along the way. It’s pretty cheap to ride such a taxi. In countries with almost no existing ÖPNV for many people it’s the only way to get around. They have a capacity of around 16 passengers, but mostly take 20, with the new generation of Toyota Hiace:–price/47495/

      The older model Rostlauben are phased out since the gov’mt wants at least some passengers to survive the commute.

      “The locally-manufactured Toyota Hiace Ses’fikile is hugely popular in South Africa and it to a large extent forms the backbone of South Africa’s transport system. These people movers transport millions of South Africans to and from work every single day in all major city centres across the country.”

      In Cape Town we have a new bus system, in which they’ve invested a lot of money, with extra dedicated lanes, more or less punctual time tables, haltestellen und monatskarte. Their haltestellenhäuschen werden öfter mal von der taxi mafia niedergebrannt. 😮


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