Prison: Day 50

How Practical. What a Nifty Idea! 😮

Pfffrz.  😦

People I say it not for the last time: Please please pleez, stay at home! Don’t go out just to show to the world what a free person you are. I’d hate to lose readers … and even more I’d hate to lose any of you awesome peeps! And you won’t like to die neither, or?

Do me the favour and wash your hands, use your hand sanitizer generously, don’t leave the house just because you’re bored but only when your fridge is empty and only for essential goods shopping. Yes, according the the SA gov’mt warm winter clothes are essential … bikinis are not! 😮

Essential: Warm house shoes. Mine are kaputt, and don’t look very ladylike, so will buy a new pair, made from real animal fur. Fortunately they are available from the pharmacy as well and I can finally kick these cheapo ones in the bin. And my purchase will hopefully not end deadly for me. 😐

Look at Orca: I’m gonna leave the house today – straight to the van – drive straight to the pharmacy (vitamin D pills and warm slippers, strictly NO toilet paper) – continue straight to the Foodlovers Market (mountains of  meat and fish and taters and veggies and cheesecake and egg mayo sammiches) – final stretch straight home. No dilly dallying. Stay! Fukn! Healthy! Stay put at home for at least another week. Do everything to avoid becoming part of the saddest statistic:


That’s how it’s done, that’s how we beat this virus thing!

Best wishes for you and yours.

Cya laterz accomplices in quarantine




  1. I could not see the video in your post but watched it otherwise… That is terrible, so sad…! Imagine to be in a bed that might be my coffin later… Dearest Orcsi, still here (and glad you did not go to the gym that day ;)) Let’s please do all we can to avoid that Covid-19. Four friends of mine got that shit, all survived but still have problems with their lung and olfactory and gustatory senses. What makes me a bit more worried though are those people who claim that Corona is made by Merkel, Gates, the medias or, if nothing makes sense: by the fear.


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    • Heyy Slber!
      Dunno why you coudn’t watch the vid. The link goes directly to the Twitter msg. Shouldn’t pose a problem. Yes, the idea with bed/coffin is macabre, almost Pythonesque. Only these guys are serious about it. Dead serious.

      Hah, the gym? It’s closed since the day lockdown started. Some of the trainers are offering free classes on some app:

      Yes, let’s all do what we can, which isn’t much: Stay home, dance with Sophie, stretch with Adriene:
      eat your vitamin D veggies and don’t go out more than absolutely necessary!

      4 of your friends got infected? /me warily steps a couple steps back, looks quizzical at Silber. Jeez, how did they manage to do that? Just coming back from vacation in China, Italy or Spain or America or what? And, yes, the long term damage is what I fear most. The damaged internal organs.:( That’s what most politicians don’t want to believe: Covid-19 isn’t just a flu! Fuksake!!!

      Oh yes, all the crazy conspiracy videos. I can’t believe people are believing such shit. Even if Merkel had created it – it’s not her field of expertise btw, since she’s a quantum chemistry scientist, not a virologist – what to do with that info? Now is the time to survive, the healing and reconditioning we do later.

      Talking about going out: I will finish this answer and then jump in the shower and then into the van and do the round I didn’t do yesterday.

      Silberli, stay healthy and happy, distance yourself from your friends and SURVIVE!



      • After another new loading of this site I could watch the video. Might have been a temporary problem only.

        About my friends: They got infected at a birthday party beginning of March just before the lockdown here. Guests there had just come home from spring skiing vacations and brought the virus with them.
        I for myself had the last personal contact/hug on February 29nd when I helped a friend with renovating her home. Since then I’ve cancelled all personal contacts and keep all recommended distance.

        I’ll either buy myself a teddybear or will go into the wood and embrace some trees, because keeping that social distance is really hard… ;(


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        • Fortunately I’m married and can cuddle all day, every day. Otoh I was always a loner and never really had the need for being close to other people.
          About your situation … hmmm, I’d go for the teddy. You don’t want ppl to think you might be a treehugger,do ya?
          You have any opportunity to get tested? With so many infected frens you’re at risk and deserve a checkup, don’t you think?

          Take care


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