Back n Forth … and Back Again

When politicians decide about computer operating systems …

Munich doesn’t know what it wants. :/

OMG! You all know the story of bold Munich kicking expensive Microsoft shit products and building their own Linux-based infrastructure. And from all we know it was good. The city administrators and clerks in all departments liked to work with bespoke Linux programs and Munich became a posterchild of the Linux and FOSS movement in Europe … until they got a new mayor. And Microsoft reminded that mayor about the fact that Microsoft’s Deutschland HQ is based in Munich and if he could please please …

And swooosh, project LiMux was no more! 😮

The whole story as it unfolded:

And now with the Green party as coalition partner of the Social Democrats have brought Linux back. My oh my, what a terrible back n forth in Bavaria. Let’s see how long the politicos will let it survive this time. :/


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