Prison: Day 49

Good morning peeps.

And what a fine morning this is; not even half past eight and the garbage truck has already finished its tour through our complex, and all the dogs are going crazy. Always a sure sign that civilisation hasn’t collapsed completely and despite we’ve all turned into zombies, our fair city is still working for us and their rates. 😉


Oh and also the sun is shining its heart out and we can expect a nice mild day. May is the southern hemisphere’s equivalent of your November … but it’s a much nicer autumn than you can imagine.

Not a bad “November” morning

Also today marks the completion of 7 weeks in lockdown for us. See:


Yes, I’m fully aware that some of you went into lockdown before us and are still in it, but at least I can’t and won’t complain about how it went so far. Now, admittedly are hubby and I rather humble and boring people, so for us not much has changed. And this ain’t Espańa where people are controlled and can only leave the house at certain times and not further away than 100 meters n shit while we can roam kinda freely without having to fear the long arm of the law. 😉

ghost_in_the_shell_sac_2045Another good thing happened already: I was watching one of my favourite YouTube movie reviewers and he was talking about the latest product of the Ghost in the Shell franchise.

If you’re a reader of this here blog you know that Orca and her man are kinda anime connoiseurs, so as soon as I heard Chris Stuckmann mentioning that GitS SAC_2045 is on Netflix …

It’s in original Japanese voice version. But fret not, it comes with subtitles in a shitload of global languages.

… yep, got it. 😉 Not that I am too happy about this latest rendition of GitS; it’s the “new”, younger looking Motoko as we know her from the new series and movie and the whole production is kinda 3D. An effect I don’t like very much in anime, as I prefer the good old cell drawing style over hyper realistic CGI landscapes, buildings and machines, in which the cartoonish anime characters look weirdly weird and out of place.

Also a bit of a shame that Section 9 was officially disbanded by the Japanese gvt and the members have left Newport City and are now some kinda mercenaries in the former USA.

Fortunately GitS is the most famous cyberpunk franchise so we expect some weirdness, don’t we?


So despite our hopes are kinda down, this will be our bingewatching project for the weekend. 🙂 Expect an O@tNetflix review very soon.

Anyone still complaining about being bored during lockdown? Oh you crazy guys. 😉

As every morning I wish y’all good health and a reasonably good time. I know it’s a strange situation we’re all in, many of you are losing your jobs, and the future is uncertain. Hubby and me have almost paid up our home loan … and now the property market collapses. 😦 Kidz, we can’t expect the world to be the same when we come out the other end of this crisis. But we’re humans; we adapt, we learn, we kick unfit shit to the curb, we build newer, better shit. I’m quite sure the future will be better post-corona than it was pre-corona. Hey, since we have a global ceasefire right now, many warring parties will maybe see that this is in fact better and not restart their conflicts. Here’s hoping.

Global Fuckfest 2020!

And … hmmmmm, America isn’t part of the truce (yet) but they will learn pretty soon that they are losing their last few remaining frens and influence on the planet and finally wake up and become a reasonable country. If not – byebye! The future market is in Asia anyway, and the Russians make damn better frens.

Fuk peace on earth, I want a pony!

Laterz kidz



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