\o/ CUBA LIBRE! \o/


Finally this downtrodden island state gets the recognition it decerves for at least one of its best attributes: The social medicine system. And despite being a communist third world shithole country under permanent pressure and sanctions by the USA, they are still generous enough to help other countries around the globe in their fíght against the coronavirus!

Duncan MacMartin:

“If ever a nation deserves to be recognised for their amazing contributions to the welfare of the planet even under decades of US bastardry, economic strangulation and sociopathic slander its Cuba!!!”

Bravo Cuba! Very well done, comrades.




  1. Cuba is a prison island, whose citizens have been kept captive, hungry, deprived and isolated by a dictatorship that began with Fidel Castro, who gave the “throne” to his brother, the present dictator Raul Castro, who serves behind the scenes to the puppet “president” that they named in 2016, Diaz-Canel. In Cuba people cannot protect themselves from the virus because they must gather in never-ending queues every day to get enough food to eat. They cannot wash their hands because there is no soap. They have no medical system because they depended on their relatives from the US to send them even aspirins and vitamins, they cannot purchase necessary items because they are not there to be bought even if they had money. Retired folk in Cuba get only the equivalent of 10 USD/month, which buys nothing. Fidel Castro killed, along with the psychotic murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara, millions of Cubans and imprisoned thousand others. The Cuban government gives nothing to the people, it takes away, including peoples Human Rights! Those doctors are poorly trained or not even medical doctors at all, and they do not donate them to countries, they rent them and 90% of the fees paid by the country accepting them goes to the Castro government and only 10% goes to the doctor, that is why they defect as soon as they are able. I am so sorry but I must express the truth since you have expressed the Castro propaganda. I hope you allow this rebuttal on your site and thank you.

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    • It’s a principle of mine not to censor or redact anything on my blog, Francisco.

      But I strongly disagree with your post. The facts, when seen not from a US propaganda perspective, tell us something different. Did you ever watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko”


      or read my blog



      about what Cuba does in reality?

      The 90% – 10% ratio may be right. And I think it’s fair. The state pays for the doctors education, medicines, nurses and hospitals. Doctors in socialist and any other real countries are mostly employees, not businessmen. And I guess, like in every other country, a doctor in Cuba earns more than a construction worker or a garbage man.

      And the scarcity of medicines … hah! Guess why they are so scarce after all those blockades by the meaniepooface USA? And still they find it in their heart to share.


      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera seems to be a learned and cultured person. I wonder where has he got that level of education: Oh wait… Maybe in…

        (Copied and pasted from Wikipedia)
        A 1998 study by UNESCO reported that Cuban students showed a high level of educational achievement. Cuban third and fourth graders scored 350 points, 100 points above the regional average in tests of basic language and mathematics skills. The report indicated that the test achievement of the lower half of students in Cuba was significantly higher than the test achievement of the upper half of students in other Central and South American countries in the study group.

        The 1998 study by UNESCO was particularly impressive, because for the first time all of the countries in the study had agreed on the indicators and procedures in advance. Also, the study was taken during the height of an economic depression; Cuba’s economic development has been severely restricted by the U.S. trade embargo. Cuba is one of the poorest countries in the region and lacks basic resources yet still leads Latin America in primary education in terms of standardized testing.

        The facts of a relatively poor economy and a long-term continuous sanctions on trade makes the Cubans’ achievements more impressive. For the past forty years, education has been a top priority for the Cuban government.Cuba maintains twice the amount of public spending on education as its more wealthy neighbors, at 10% of GNP.

        Cuba shows how important education is by keeping a student to teacher ratio of 12 to 1, which is approximately half of the Latin American average. In addition, the youth illiteracy rate in Cuba is close to zero, a figure unmatched by all other Latin American countries. Cuban schools are closely integrated with the community. Teachers are very active in the communities of the children that attend their schools, and build strong relationships with parents and families to enhance the learning process. It has been demonstrated that there is a strong commitment to the educational sector on the part of the government. Equal opportunity for a high quality education for all students is one of the key factors that explains that the Cuban educational success is not a miracle or an accident, but the result of many years of concerted efforts and commitments, by the government to its people.

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        • That’s what I’m always saying, if a nation is poor or rich, opressed by its neighbours or allowed free trade, it’s the people who make a government, an administration, a country! And the Cubans set a good example of how to develop positively in a very hostile and threatening environment.

          Here, pedruchini, come and get your Gold Star Like and a kiss


      • I thank you for not censuring as the truth must also be told amidst the propaganda. I don’t have to look at propaganda videos, I’ve been to Cuba twice and also lived in Miami where I met many many Cubans fleeing the Castro tyranny and FYI, nothing in Cuba is free, not education and certainly not medicine and if you protest, if you even think of starting a magazine, a newspaper or a blog that dissents from the official communist line, you are censured and may be jailed because in Cuba to disagree is a crime against the security of the state. It is a sad sad land of people struggling constantly, suffering at all levels and repressed to the max by a dictatorship that has stolen everything from people that decides that if a citizen leaves he/she is a traitor and their citizenship is revoked. Go to Cuba, see for yourself, don’t trust the pro communist propaganda or believe in the lies. If it wasn’t for the relatives in the US, many in Cuba could not eat or have medicines because the items most sent to relatives there is medicine. You are far from Cuba, if you want to praise a country you need to be in that country, you need to suffer the indignities that ordinary Cubans suffer daily just to be able to put food on their table.

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        • “I’ve been to Cuba twice and also lived in Miami where I met many many Cubans fleeing the Castro tyranny”
          That is what is called “anecdotal arguments” in academia where only hard verifiable numbers count. In so far it should be ignored. We’re not old ladies at a kaffeeklatsch.

          “nothing in Cuba is free, not education and certainly not medicine”
          Of course not. You always have to pay, either via taxes or the social insurance fees.

          “if you even think of starting a magazine, a newspaper or a blog that dissents from the official communist line, you are censured and may be jailed”

          “It is a sad sad land of people struggling constantly”
          Sounds like the USA. 😉

          “repressed to the max by a dictatorship that has stolen everything from people”
          Just replace dictatorship with military industrial complex and voila … we’re in the states. Only difference being that in Cuba I’d live with purpose and be a productive member of society. And if I’m being oppressed I’d prefer my suffering to be delivered by my own people, not by some capitalist pigs.

          “don’t trust the pro communist propaganda or believe in the lies.”
          No worries, I don’t trust noone! Not anymore since I was, like, 13 or so. But I see that Cuba is sending out doctors to other countries, while the USA is stealing medical supplies from other countries, even from their own NATO minions. 😦
          And anyway, isn’t the US the aggressor in this totally one-sided “conflict”? In so far my sympathies are with Cuba anywax, same as they were and are with Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Lybia, Syria, Afghanistan, Nicaragua and Venezuela. And all the other south American countries where some US-led contra-rebellion brought some rich white fascists in as Washington’s hand puppets.

          “You are far from Cuba”
          But auntie and uncle were there in the 70s, and enjoyed it. And a couple years ago a friend of mine, a school teacher from Denmark was there on vacation and she found everything fascinating. Until a pickpocketing asshole stole her purse. 😮

          “if you want to praise a country you need to be in that country”
          Not necessarily. As I stated, as an academic I would have to dismiss my own observations anyway. Because my own observations can only be anecdotal, and unfit for use in any serious statistic. Can’t base my opinion on that. And, by principle I generally don’t praise countries. I just base my evaluation on facts wherever possible and by looking at who is the gov’mt. Some millionaire, freshly imported from the US – or a veteran from the class struggle and revolution.

          “if a citizen leaves he/she is a traitor and their citizenship is revoked.”
          Wasn’t it illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba, until recently? True free people can visit both places.


  2. Yeah, I guess you are so right about it all, after all Cuba and North Korea are the countries where everyone wants to go! Enjoy it!

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    • “you are so right about it all”
      Really? I mean how could I not be right about facts? Makes no sense, does it? Otoh I don’t have real strong feelings about Cuba and not a fully formed opinion, So how could I be right? I just see Cuba as the weaker part in the non-relationship with the USA. And for that reason alone everybody should root for Cuba. At least they aren’t a global threat, unlike the USA.

      “Cuba and North Korea are the countries where everyone wants to go!”
      Really? I don’t wanna go to neither of ’em. Apart from that, one can’t compare Cuba to NKorea. Cuba is a poor shithole because of economical blockade, NKorea is a shithole period. Not even the Chinese wanna play with the Kims anymore, while Cuba becomes an intl tourist destination.
      NKorea is pretty much the only exception to the rule that in every conflict America is involved in, they are always the evil bad guys. In case of NKorea I’m willing to make an exception and cut them some slack.

      “Enjoy it!”
      Thank you. Right now I’m enjoying my life here at the Cape, knowing that we have awesome friends, internationally.


      • As a man who has lived in the US for many years (although I am European), I admire the US greatly and served in the US armed forces and went to war for freedom and for the US! I am also not convinced that you are saying anything that is true, and being that you deny or reject anecdotal evidence, then we’ve nothing to say. I am enjoying my life in the Mediterranean as well…

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        • “I am European”
          Congratz, me too. 😉
          I spent a grand total of 3 weeks in the States and was everything but impressed. Maybe I should visit the westcoast one day. It’s nice there.

          “I admire the US greatly”
          Why o why??? Parts of it are really pretty … what else is there to admire?

          “and served in the US armed forces”
          Eeeks eeps eeps! 😮 No human being should serve in any army, EVER!

          “and went to war for freedom and for the US!”
          You got any idea how that looks? War for freedom? You got any idea how bromidic that sounds? Who’s freedom? America’s? I thought they already were the posterchild of freedom. Such a bland and wide concept is hard to define but the more we try the more we come to the conclusion it’s all about the freedom of the top 1%, on expenses of the bottom 99% who are exploited, have poor civil rights, no labour rights, no vacations, no social insurance and need to work two jobs to make ends meet. Strange freedom.

          “am also not convinced that you are saying anything that is true”
          At least I’m not repeating the same old tired phrases our parents were already sick of. And trust me, I’m always speaking the truth, since I research all topics before forming an opinion about it. The internet is a good starting point when you got some media competency and know what sources you should ignore. No need to study history at uni like me, and become a scholar.

          “and being that you deny or reject anecdotal evidence”
          The global scientific community is a bit bigger than just me. Using anecdotes to willy nilly create “valid” points is frowned upon in thinking circles, because they don’t prove anything and are just a cheap rhetorics, used to impress stupid people.
          I’ve lost a grandma and a great grandma in Hitler’s extermination camps, my grandpa and my dad were both forced workers and were under supervison and threatened by the nazis. Still I abhore Israel’s shameful politics. Because I don’t fall for their wannabe reasonings and excuses when they are now disowning the Palestinians and driving them into the sea. That’s genocide, pure and simple! And America supports it. 😦

          “then we’ve nothing to say.”

          “I am enjoying my life in the Mediterranean as well…”
          Better! 😉 So you’re back from the overseas colonies and enjoy true freedom and less stress again. 😉


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