Manjaro vs Linux Mint *EDIT*

Here it finally is, the long awaited duel of the giants: Manjaro #2 and Linux Mint #3 respectively on the stupid DistroWatch charts. Tom does look at both systems in this video:

This week in DistroWars, we will look at two Cinnamon desktops: Manjaro vs Linux Mint. Which is best, if there is a best?

Both contestants enter the competition with their finest superduper n00b frenly Cinnamon coat on, so we have kinda plane playing field here. While Cinnamon has its natural habitat on Mint, it’s only a community option with Manjaro. But the Manjaro team are masters of customizing every desktop beautifully and usable and their own, kinda.

So this video duel promises to be a great decision helper.

I know what I’d choose: Manjaro. Even if Mint is mintyier and more frenly, Manjaro is an Arch-install-once-roll-elegantly-into-eternity affair, always features the more actual softwares, and for that already my champion. Maybe Tom should’ve sent Mint’s LMDE version into the fight since then we’d have both challengers as “Forever” versions. 😉

Your choice, however, should be Linux Mint.

Again, guys and guysettes, you know the model Windows isn’t sustainable in the long run and you will have to switch to Linux. YOU WILL! Only question  is if you do it sooner or later, if you come voluntarily or crying and screaming and throwing a tantrum while being forcefully escorted from your ruined Windows over to the brave new world of Linux. 😮

So, now that we’ve established that – and no mistake, it’s gonna happen! – I can tell you these two distributions are the absolute top of the crop, so your decision should be between Mint and Manjaro … both in Cinnamon disguise.

And, yes I know, Manjaro is not in my list of recommended Linuxes. That’s true. But that list was made for independent thinkers, for people who want to be where they are, who want to check out Linux! On their own terms, just because they feel like. People who are a bit more advanced than you, sorry.

PS: A new competitor has entered the arena:

Have a look at Canonical’s own effort of building a chic, visually  pleasing, operating system.


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