Successful EndeavourOS Installation!

This is how we roll!

Day 2, let’s try again. Didn’t change anything: Set language to German, chose Online install in order to get to choose the Mate DE, no Nvidia drivers, left everything completely untouched … and waited with baited breath for the installation protocol to pass the 19% hurdle …
… which it totally did! With ease. 46% and counting …
After 20 – 25 minutes execution was reported. \o/ YAY! \o/ Thank you installer, we’ll take it from here.
First impression of the freshly installed system. We see the fugly standard Mate desktop and wallpaper and a more or less useful welcome screen. Dunno why I kept on photographing with my Canon camera instead of just doing screenshots, which is possible now that Endeavour is completely installed. :/
Curiously I klikered on Arch News and …. oh my, what a bunch of geekyness. 😮 Quick, close that shit and let’s pretend we’ve never seen it! 😉

I didn’t delve deeper into customization of the system, since Gaga is just a test machine and I’m not really using her for actual work. As soon as I see a new promising Linux distro pop up somewhere I’ll install that one and will let you know about my experience.

In the meantime my recommendation stands:

  • If you a totally blind n00b: Linux Mint.
  • If you not totally blind anymore and want a highly stable, maintenance free system you never need to even shut down and restart, and wanna run your govt/military critical servers out of your nuke proof dungeon: Sparky Linux. Can also replace your Mint with it!
  • If you a silly fashionista who wants to look cool without having much of a clue how she got there: EndeavourOS. Is easier than it looks and comes highly recommended by silly airhead Orca.
Endeavour users are young and  hip and friendly af and look like iPod users of the early noughties.



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