Prison: Day 48

Shalom schlemiels 😉

Thank you very much, the blogeuse of your trust feels reasonably ok-ish and adequately silly, considering she’s up and blogging despite getting not enuff sleep last night. I thought I start today’s bogging activities with my – almost – daily diary entry, so I’m through with it. Quite clever, no?

You won’t believe it, little cyberpunk Orca was indeed logged in world and went searching for new land. Pretty stupid, isn’t it. LL will deduct the premium fee at the beginning of June and I don’t haven’t made my mind up yet if I should keep my premium acccount for another year, or cancel. :/

Again I was searching along Linden Route 12 and fond some decent plots …

Did I brag about my super operating system EndeavourOS? Ya, I guess more than enough. But earlier today, I was again made aware of the simple fact that Arch-based Linux systems are just the bestest! Because, just like other regular software from official Arch repositories, I was notified of a new version of the Singularity Alpha SL viewer was being released. Version jumped from 8373 to 8382. Without me even looking for the newest stuff. Just like … swoosh! 🙂

I never thought that such convenient update services also work in the AUR. That’s so WOW! I highly doubt Windows won’t do that for you. Or Ubuntu in that regard. I guess it’s save to say that in its very own, umcomfy ways ArchLinux is much more concerned about your well-being and comfortable and save computing. And we’re not even real customers, making the devs super rich or something. 🙂

… but in the end decided not to buy anything as long as I haven’t decided about my future  as a high maintenance premium bitch.

Soooo, let today’s games begin …

I hope this message found all y’all in good health and you’re not  gonna do anything stupid today. That many countries relaxing the lockdown bit by bit doesn’t mean you MUST leave your house under any circumstance, y’know? Staying home is the most secure and safe … and comfy way of living right now.

You don’t wanna end up like these 8 brozzaz and sistas:


“Indaba my cousins, roads are nice and empty now, let’s all jump in the mini van and go on a joyride!”


Laterz frens



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