Prison: Day 47

Pheeew, busy day today in this blog bureau and quarantine zone. Bolshoi opera writeup, It’s FOSS Ubuntu MATE commentary and the daily Trump. And I guess another shitload of love letters waiting for me in the inbox. Will get to it right after I’m done with my diary. Ain’t I eager?

You know who else is eager saving millions of lives? The Brits! And even in an unexpected clever way:

Oh, you know what I’m doing on the side, while I’m awesome in the blog I’m also dabbling with some practical application of my Linux expertise! LOL I’m actually installing EndeavourOS 2020.05.08 onto Gaga, just to see what’s what and what has changed since I’ve installed 2020.04.11 on Gagamore. This just to see if the installation process has changed, as that’s the only thing that should change from snapshot to snapshot. ArchLinux is a rolling release, my April install is on the same status as the new May release after install.

And, yes, I know, and I’ve been warned Endeavour installation can take quite a while, but …


I’m observing the hung-up at 19% since the early morning. I guess I’ve been patient enough right now. Next action: KILL THE SHIT!!! Try again tomorrow. 😉

In the meantime you and yours stay healthy, ok?  And nobody telling me they’re bored, when there is in fact so much to do!




  1. Hellooo from the trenches. Yes, I’m bored but still surviving my sheltered existence. Wish I was clever enough to write my own entertaining bloggo. So glad I can see your photos again Orca, instead of tiny page symbols. I should have mentioned it before. I thought it was only me ;P

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    • /me waves friendly from her own sheltered trench. LOL, where are we, Fort Douamont, Verdun 1917?
      You know the piccies, yes, I’ll do them more carefully from now on but it has just become harder to to. My upload limit is reached and I’ll have to upload all graphic material first into some Google thingie, and link to that from my blog. It’s cumbersome and takes twice as long … and often fails.
      But, hey, the decision of having a blog is a very personal one and different for every blogger, Becca. So I won’t generally just recommend it. Only do it if you really have a need for an outlet.

      You know TSB! has an always open invitation, and I’d love to give everybody a guest blogger status to test out their “public speaking” abilities, LOL. So if you wanna try yourself, or have some urgent thoughts about boats, computers, cars, planes, fashion, style, architecture, whatever, feel welcome to post them here.


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