Bolshoi: Опера “Садко”/”Sadko” opera

Belongs in every opera: The fukn choir!!!


Please people, don’t think hubby and I have degenerated into woodland creatures during the forced self-isolation. We just totally forgot to do some screenshots of the Don Quijote ballett, which was very good btw. But today we were busy for you! Snapped roundabout 100 screenshots of which I’ll show you kinda the bestest now.

Poor Sadko is a tragically romantic fish-lover

Anyway, today we went to Moscow and its prestige ballett and opera house to watch Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera Sadko. And it was grrrreat! Great spectacle, great music, and as always with the Russians: World’s best performers!

Drunken love-lorn Sadko, angry fat old wife

I didn’t know Rimsky-Korsakov was an opera composer, only knew his Flight of the Bumblebee up to now. Only learned today that the Bumblebee is an instrumental interlude in another RK opera. Learning exciting new things every day in lockdown. And some people say they get bored and suffer alone at home. 😐

A funny opera singer

Another thing I stumbled upon happened in scene 4: Song of India sounded strangely familiar. Listen and judge for yourself if you maybe know it from your childhood. Intrumental big band jazz arrangement … does the coin drop?

The choir pushes Sadko off the stage. 😮

Here you watch the video … only in the next two days!

Belongs in every opera worth its salt water: Dramatic duet.


Sadko, a poor but spirited minstrel, wagers his head against the wealth of the Novgorod merchants that he will catch golden fish in the neighbouring Lake Ilmen. Aided by the Sea-King’s daughter he wins, and embarks upon a voyage on one of the fleet of ships that have become his. Overtaken by storm, it is decided by the ship’s company that one of their number must be offered as a sacrifice to the Sea-King. Lots are drawn, with the result that Sadko finds himself on a plank in mid-ocean.

Entering the Sea-King’s domain, he plays upon his gusli with such goodwill that the monarch and his court are soon engaged in a frenzied dance. A fierce gale ensues. St. Nicholas, intervening on behalf of seafarers above, dashes the gusli to the ground, orders Sadko home, and transforms the Sea-King’s daughter, who has offered herself to the already married minstrel, into the river Volkhov, on which Novgorod now stands.

synopsis by M. Montagu Nathan, Rimsky-Korsakof, Duffield & Co., New York, 1917.

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Guest starring: Marvel’s Aquaman. He wants his dottir back!

Belongs to every grand production these days: A Making Of

The whole thing has a somehow Disney-esque atmosphere, dontcha think?
In an octopus’s garden
Sadko’s mermaid packs her shit and leaves … on an jetplane maybe?
… leaving him with his fat old wamman. 😦 -THE END –

Too make it short: The Bolshoi again fails to disappoint. Even with a runtime of almost 3 hours this was more amusing and far better entertainment than many H-wood blockbustaz.


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