Profit Profit Über Alles!

Of course the Trump administration tries to negate, silence and downplay the coronavirus and everybody concerned with it.

And of course they get called out for it.

5/8/20: Nothing to see here! We’re open for bizniz very soon!
5/9/20: Uh oh. 😮

Whoa! What’s wrong with those politics people? Do they think we’re stupid? Not recognizing their old spiel? It was clear that Trump’s only interest is the upcoming election, and that fukn Covid virus is a democrat agent out to kill his carreer. And winning that election is of utmost importance for America’s future, so a couple hundred thousand more death is a well calculated investment into Trump’s America’s future.

That’s soooo obvious, why are they still doing it? Dumfux. 😦

I betcha, if Trump would roll up his sleeves and uses all of America’s power and money for the single goal of steering the country through the pandemic, instead of ignoring it, he would be a fukn hero! And win the election for a real reason!

“Remember president Trump, kids! A true American hero! What a son of a gun that man was: Didn’t hesitate a second, declared national emergency and put every effort into guiding our great nation through the worst crisis that ever was! That’s why there are 5 heads now carved into Mount Rushmore!”




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