Prison: Day 46


Fridge filled up with yummyness, enuff drinkies to cross the Sahara per pedes, so just another stay home day today. Imma gonna spend some time with surfing and blogging while Hubby fills his time with binging every Top Gear episode ever made. As if we didn’t know all of them already. But ok, if that is what he wants, watching three blokes getting rapidly older right in front of his eyes …

Talking about getting older, here’s today’s corona news:

I know what message they are sending: FTW!

Those assholes are old enuff to die, they’ve made peace with their maker, throw all caution to the wind and jointed a suicide pact. And they don’t even think about their status as rolemodels or sumfink. :/

And what did the writer mean with “small room”? Most of us would be happy if we had rooms of that size in our houses. But ok, any room, or hall becomes small and cramped with Trump in it! I would feel the urge to grasp for air. :/

A peek over the garden fence, to good old central Europe. Let’s see how they cope:


In other, not-so-important news I read that since loosening the lockdown status has brought the contagion rate R above 1! It was steadily declining and the lockdown proved as the way to go. Good time to relax it and let’s all get infected again!

\o/ YAY! \o/


BTW, what are those stupid German fukkers pensioners protesting against? Rules that help them staying alive? 😮 It’s weird, when they are supposed to stand up against war, for more human rights, against fascism, against capitalist exploitation, they are all staying at home. But close their beer gardens for some weeks and … feel their wrath!

And people: That’s not the way how yellow vests work! They are reserved for stuff that matters! When you wanna copy the Frenchies, do it right ffs! Idiots.


Frens …

Y’all stay at home, ya? Pleez do me and yourself the favour and let’s survive this shit together! I generally don’t mind losing subscribblers … but not like this! Not by dying from some shitty Chinese flu! There are more elegant ways to escape from this blawg!




    • See, we all can recite everyline from every episode, still hubby can’t get enough. Particularly now that new seasons of the Grand Tour will take longer to produce he shows already withdrawal symptoms.


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