Super Duper!

Look at that, people!


Two posts in Orcablog. So what? many of you might think right now. And you’re forgetting that neither of them are by your favourite editrix but by staffers of this blog, namely Lucy and Bianca, who are also the showrunners at TrYC. Dunno if Trap is still doing anything or went awol. But as long as she pays LL for Triumphal, we can beย  quite sure that Lu and Bia are managing everything. Even if one of them should want to retire I guess they will introduce new RDs and teach them all the knowledge.

I love that!

And I love them bishies too, of course. This is exactly as I’ve always envisioned this blog – and TrYC, too – to work in the long run: Not as a single girl’s diary but as a community effort. Same as with TrYC it’s my dream that business will go on as usual, when I or Trap should retire. No fear, even if I’m hardly in world SL anymore and dropped my TrYC manager’s hat long ago, I won’t clean out my editor’s desk anytime soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it’s good to know that the community will get at least the race results punctually, like cockwork, if I’m run over by a bus tomorrow. =^.^=

PS: Did I just write cockwork? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Naughty me.




  1. Trap is still online sometimes and she is aware of what happens, but a new Job in RL in combination with the Corona Virus keeps her very busy there. I am glad she trusts Lucy and me enough to keep this running…

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