Exceptional America

Exceptionally evil. 😦
Dr. Trump?

Yes, mistakes have been made. In the beginning the Chinese govt tried to sweep the virus under the carpet, but they soon woke up and alarmed the rest of the world … and from the on did everything right. And they won against the virus. With swift action and the willingness to lose fantastillions of woolongs in business.

Quite differently to the western world and their big mufty, the USA. They are still trying to cover up their total failure, non-existing planning and putting business over people’s lifes.

And of course super evil America has to double down and keep on intl warfare during the ongoing pandemic. Shame on them!

Hey kidz, do we see already some deep cracks in the foundation of the American Empire? You getting the feeling that whole house of cards is gonna crumble and fall down soon?


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