Prison: Day 44

Mørning worldwide selfisolators,

first and only item on the list in today’s corona diary is the total disappearance of yesterday’s entry. I was in the middle of adding a lot of seal photos for a mildly amusing picture story as companion piece to my Sparky Linux news. You know the one you couldn’t see the pictures because the links that I set are only showing on my personal machine. 🙂

And while that’s already bad enough, in the middle of my editing process, trying to make the post much better … suddenly all was gone. Not just the newly uploaded pics but everything else as well! 😮

Can you even imagine how much I love love love WordPress now?

TraitorPress. 😦

Those silly fukkaz, first ruin everybody’s blogging experience with their superbly stupid Gutenberg editor, which they will force on us soon anyway, and now they can’t even maintain a simple customer’s database!

WTF? No, really, what the actual fuck? Is that the revenge of WP’s Happinses Engineers, just because we – their loyal paying customers – aren’t happy with their brainfarty new editor thingie. The whole shit looks like cobbled together by a bunch of wilful 3 y/o. And their system management isn’t the tiniest bit more grown-up neither. :/

I’m still looking for a new blog system but can’t find anything even close to WP’s appeal.

Oh, also, don’t you have a feeling the text font is smaller than usual? At least on my side it looks like, during writing and editing it’s considerably smaller:

That’s not normal!

But that’s my problem, not yours. I bet most of you have your own problems. First and foremost with this new situation of a worldwide pandemic, lockdown, loss of jobs and all the shitty shit. And please bellieve me that I’m very sorry that I cannot help you out. All I can do is trying to amuse you with more or less amusing photo-stories about Seals acting like Linux distros … and grandiously failing in that regard. 😦

Still, if you’re looking for a fairly unspectacular Linux workhorse distro that never needs any attention but just werkz, do yourself a favour and download the latest very new version of Sparky Linux … and be happy ever after.

Seal of Approval: “Trust me, Sparky is, like, really really good. Better than LMDE and MX and better than mothership Debian. Install it with the Mate desktop and never again have any problems.”

Will it make you the coolest boy or gurl in class? Naaw, far from. We leave that honour for the cool Archy kidz with all their tattoos and blue hairs and bloody noses and nervous ticks and drug problems. But you’ll be the certified nerd! Quietly organizing your file system in true OCD style, and being generally awkward and super duper busy. And that is something, is it not? At least you’re the type of nerd that doesn’t even notice the lockdown very much. You’d be sitting at home, playing with your Linux anyway.

Looksie the video:

So. Now you’re at least a tiny bit more up-to-date with your editrix. All that remains for me to say is …

Stay happy and heathy, keep your social distance, don’t give free hugs to strangers, and no 5 dollar deluxe hugs neither. Wash your hands, use lots of sanitizer and be happy at home! The more of us are breaking the curfew for no real reason, and the more often we do it, the more people will die. It’s a simple math equation.

“Have my blessings!”

cya later




    • I didn’t take the time yet to read into Gutenberg, and won’t probably ever do. It’s too complicated. I expect my bloging experience to be as similar to a normal text editor (MS Word, Libre Office Word …) as possible. Why do those sillly people always need to reinvent the wheel? Just so I need to take a bit to getting used to? What’s wrong with their brains ffs?
      What’s that even supposed to be, a reusable block? Not that I really need to know, but that word made me stumble.

      BTW, Guttenburg is an American actor, Gutenberg the German guy who invented the print press.

      Hmm. Private may be, maybe I’m not allowed to spread links. They mostly disappear from my blog too after 2 or 3 days. 😦
      Stupid me always thought the pictures and graphics Startpage shows us are free to use legally.


          • Apparently the overlords of web programming have been upgrading HTML all these years. Ver 5 changed the basic layout and vastly expanded the capabilities of web design. Yay…. I actually learned something in one of my classes!

            So Gutenberg is to support the paid blogging sites, rather than us freebies.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Butbutbut, I still have no fukn idea about what HTML is and I am INDEED paying for my blog! For the most generous upload limit of 13GB. Which doesn’t even get me though two years of intense bogging. So am I a professional blawger now?
              Or just the most gullible idiot ever?


  1. Only quick scanned… my images weren’t even displaying on my computer.
    I haven’t written a post since the latest update but the preview font is def different and smaller.
    I’m noticing that my reader doesn’t refresh unless I open an old post. When I close that, all the newer posts are displayed.

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    • Cool, so my feeling was right then. They indeed rendered the font smaller, so we can produce even vaster deserts of typesetting. The upside is that fugn smartphone users are now even more disabled and helpless than they are anyway.

      Oh, and I never use Reader. Noi dea what to do with it.


      • Reader is handy if you follow a lot of people… it shows all updates on one spot.

        Foe me, sites still look the same in full view. The font is only different in preview and comments.

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        • I get emaills whenever one of my subscribed blogs updates, so I don’t need to hassle with the reader. Got no time for that.

          Yes, the sites didn’t change when just viewing, only when actively trying to contribute to the internet.


          • I’m the opposite, got no time for emails. I keep trying to turn off all wp emails but some comment-based ones still come through
            I’ve been blogging since 2009ish and just started using the reader this year.

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            • True dat. Fukn emails are invading my life. Buuuut I’d never think about going to the reader, and totally miss new blog posts by my subscribed bloggers.


          • Lemme rephrase… people using, and paying, wp for business and e-comm sites.

            I paid for the audio upgrade for awhile but decided it wasn’t worth it. And I delete old media files if I approach the 3G free limit.

            Do you really not know html or are you trolling me?

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            • Yeah,I know that WP is used professionally but why do those commercial moneymakers always get the better treatment? I pay the same account level, so why is my need for as simple but stable platform ignored? I guess we hobbyists are still the majority, no? And we make Automattic more money than the corps, since we’re not self-hosting.

              I hear the term HTML all the time but never came across it in my daily life, so decided I don’t need it and never cared about finding out what’s up with that. Computers are not my hobby, I just use them as tools.


              • HTML is the base background language for webpage design. We used to have to know it before hosted apps, like MySpace, came about. Now there are plenty of places, like wp, that embed the tools but it’s still handy to know code for bold and things like that.

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                • Oh yes, mow I remember what html is. Never used it. What are hosted apps? For me all is software, I guess Apps are softwares for smartphones, right? I wouldn’t know since we dont have one. Just simple prepaid cellphones to make phonecalls.


                  • Apps are, technically, any software application. So I meant things like MySoace, fb, Insta, etc. But, yeah, most people only use the term “app” to mean phone applications.

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                    • Back in my time we called that stuff programs.Or just software.

                      Believe it or not, I’ve neverever, not even once, used any of those things you mentioned. They are too vain and serve no purpose other than clogging up the interwebz. I’m on Second Life since 13 fukn years, and have a blog. That’s time consuming enough and about all I can take.


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